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The Art of Being a Monster: Modron

Modron leader


The work continues unabated. Your assignment has put you in the sights of various foes, and this guide will be your tutorial and directive to overcome the forces arrayed against our beautiful, necessary order. The endless, calculating forces of law will be your greatest asset and liability, if you are wasteful. Keep a strong grip on every resource at your disposal and follow your meticulous plans to the letter. Smaller modrons will form the backbone of your fighting forces, delaying and using formations while you call for specialized and targeted equipment to destroy your opponents. Set the rules for any engagement and force your opponents to deal with ongoing environmental effects and magic. The quicker you can analyze their strengths and tactics, the fewer resources you waste. Take these specific guides here to minimize your losses. Information is victory, so even in physical defeat, Modron-kind can succeed.

F: Against the front-line combat specialist, a defensive Formation is called for. This will minimize their harm capabilities and mobility. Use this time to gather intelligence about their fighting style and note it in their file. Reinforcements can then bring out equipment and tactics to counter their techniques . Utilize expendable low level minions in staggered lines, screening for your heavy hitters to maximize combat efficiency. A strong offense is a good defense is efficient.

T: Minimize the chaotic influence of the scampering rogue by hampering their movement in the battlefield using tricks, traps, and blocking Modrons. Box them in and attack en masse to deny them a chance to call upon their luck, that eternal damnable lady of chaos. If they rely on staying out of arms reach, form a guarded phalanx that presents no opportunity for them to strike while advancing tirelessly. Their oblique angle attacks will not help them when you analyze the battlefield steps ahead of them. Reinforcements will be merely a formality.

R: Use weaker modrons as cover, organizing lines in stratified patterns to minimize the number of available targets for the glorified bow-hunter to shoot. Their straight line attacks are within your field of experience, and will be easily out-manuevered. Armored phalanxes can advance inexorably under fire, offering any individual Modron superior protection, while a surprise maneuvering or arm-propelled modrons can hamper and distract. Closely count their munitions and use superior accounting to win a battle of attrition if necessary.

Modron march

W: Get data on this spellcaster as soon as possible. Wizards have too much variance to account for without first hand observation. Watch their tells, stylings, and any records you can dig up through your extensive accounts before battle. During combat, draw their fire and learn more about what magical schools or level of spell mastery they wield with perfectly placed, sacrificial modrons. Pare down their resources and out-maneuver their likely spells prepared, updating your docket on them continuously. Keep tools on hand to directly counter their most likely spells. With a schedule of their capabilities in hand, advance and eliminate this combatant along whatever avenue they are ill-prepared to face.

A Modron’s Nameless March

Keep a full tab of damages and costs to bill your opponent after their demise. Keep the list of notes below in mind for your longer term plans, as they have been curated to be the most effective guide penned for dealing with mortals.

  • Not every step must be in the direction of order, but take care not to become diluted by too much compromise.
  • Keep your plans updated and tactics fresh. Update them after every encounter so enemies cannot rely on you having outdated information.
  • Act upon opportunity and revise later as needed. Debating perfection is the enemy of progress towards perfection.
  • Keep a number of differently aligned creatures as consultants advising on strategies that could counter the plans you intend to initiate.
  • Telling truth to liars and agents of chaos is no virtue and will be an exception to any rules governing misinformation protocols.

Modron giving orders

  • Underlings’ and simpler Modrons’ commands will be worded such that they fail safely and cannot be easily turned counter to their original intent.
  • Lairs shall have a wealth of defensible gates, from inside and without, to other planes for reinforcements and supply caches.
  • Weigh all data on its relative value to the current situations at hand. Implement a filter and blocking protocol for floods of irrelevant data.
  • Keep at least one component or statute with a tangential relation to the current plan to throw off enemies.
  • All rules and regulations must have a strict hierarchy to solve intractable conflicts between them.
  • Keep the adjudication of rules short and effective. For longer disagreements, take stopgap measures and compensate any injured parties later.
  • No routine shall have an identifiable pattern that can be exploited.
  • Use seemingly chaotic fronts such as gambling, markets, or auctions. They have an underlying order to them while allowing easy mingling or manipulation of common folk.
  • A policy should be in place such that, in decisions, if nine Modrons agree, it is the duty of the tenth to disagree and research the viability of that disagreement.
  • Succession rules are to be as opaque and confusing as possible to non-Modrons.

Wounded Modron

  • Disguise higher level Modrons as their less-complex counterparts, and vice-a-versa.
  • Have a formation and a set of specialized tools for every situation.
  • Actuarial tables and pooled, hyper-specialized resources with other Modron cells are the ideal methods of accounting for any low risk, high-cost resources.
  • Orders from authorities should be scrutinized by a dedicated modron as well as by your consultants of other alignments. This goes doubly true any communications arriving in urgency, chaos’ cousin.
  • All progress and plans shall be kept documented and encrypted for future successors. Promotions shall take place seamlessly.

With every point of this list accounted for and implemented, your progress will be inexorable. The universe will be documented and put to order. Knowledge is a Modron weapon and its greatest strength, even if your form may fail, never let a fact go unnoted.

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