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Hexcrawl Encounters One Page Generator: Step-by-Step

I’ve had a few questions about how to use my one-page encounter generator, which makes me realize that my simplistic graphic design is… not very clear. I have also made some graphics changes to help clarify how to use it.

On the Generation of Daily Encounters PDF
Click here for the PDF

How to Generate an Encounter

1. Roll 6d6, and record any matching numbers. Each set of doubles indicate an encounter during that rough period of the day and triples indicating an encounter in the same way that is somehow related to the plot.

For each of those encounters:

2. Determine its type with a d20.

3. Roll for the number of keywords and locale descriptors and generate that many unique descriptors with a d12.

4. Roll two d6’s to determine if the encounter is trapped or will get the party lost. Confirm a result of ‘6’ on either die with another d6 roll on the sublist for ‘trapped’ or ‘lost’ sections.

5. For traps and specific encounter types, roll once each for the lists under their headings at the bottom half of the page.

6. Now take all of the descriptors rolled up until now and create an encounter that combines those things. This guide is meant to build up an outline, inspiration, or skeleton of an encounter but not to flesh out the details (you’ll need something else if you want that, if its possible at all).

7. Build up a small list of these encounters so you have a number to draw on during play and don’t have to generate them on the fly.


Example Encounters

422341, 2’s [Late Morning] 2 {Empty} Lost 2 Trap 6,6 Red Herring.

Locale: 3/2+1=2. Settled Passage

Keywords: 2/2+1=2. Violence Animals

Remains of an animal attack on a palisade blocks the route ahead. Bodies litter the place, congealed blood pools scattered about, with snapped tripwire, and open pit traps. Occasional snarls and growls can be heard from the open pits. Debris and detritus is scattered about, covering patches of ground.

-The traps are all triggered.

-A deep set of gouges is visible on the broken palisade gate.  ///

-The pallisade is recently built from nearby materials, but the homestead behind it is abandoned and bereft of anything more than junk. The surviving family members, two sons and a daughter all younger than 13, can be found later as refugees in a nearby town, with their tracks leading out in different directions eventually converging on the town.


4’s [Late Afternoon] 15 {Monster + Treasure} Lost 4 Trap 1

Locale: Sparse

Keywords: Violence Shortcut

Monster: Stalking Uncommon Vermin/Ooze Friendly

A shortcut presents itself through some somewhat difficult terrain. It is foreboding and quiet, with the occasional wispy thread floating in the breeze. Dead animal corpses sit wrapped in silk, hidden by the terrain.

-Passing through allows a symbiotic vermin to get a fix on the party, leaving their corpse homes to follow. They will defend themselves if attacked, but will otherwise passively follow, sniffing out fresh food to eat.

-The fuzzy caterpillars, the size of a small dogs, bristle with poisonous barbs when attacking. They produce some white silk each day if fed fresh vegetation, but produces a significantly stronger pink thread if fed fresh blood or meat. Each day they’ll make a small amount of money worth of regular silk or a moderate amount of money worth of the stronger pink silk.

-The shortcut saves ten minutes of time. Passing through will see a number of caterpillars equal to the number of humanoids plus 1d6 follow the party.



315142: 1’s [Morning] 19 {Trick} Lost 6,3 Trap 1

Locale: Strange Impasse

Keywords: Dead Trash Animals

Severity: Small Bad Target: Connections Trigger: Lingering

Coming up to a short clearing in the surrounding terrain, a web of dead corpses are arranged in a web. Their mouths face down to their natural prey, with their own predators facing towards them in turn. Fauna and flora here include many creatures not native to the area. A faint fog hangs in the near distance, the animals in the area are quiet, and the diagram appears to squirm out of the corner of the eye.

-If the players do not investigate the fog or the weirdness of the area, they must save or become LOST.

-Investigating the animals reveals them to be in a sort of stasis, and sending a chill up the spine of the players. This is the magic giving them ‘notice’ of their consent to the trick.

-Any player that lingers inside the clearing after investigating or any who disturb the corpses are cursed. They will be treated with much more hostility from animals, even plants and fungi will be uncooperative. This curse lasts until the cursed kills a full set of animals relating to the circle of life. This can be anything, but each successive kill must be a predator to the last kill, making a circle that must include plants, herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, and vermin or fungi. Any incorrect kills ruin the progress forcing  the cursed to start anew. Each successful kill helps relieve a small sense of the malaise of the curse.

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