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5 Link Friday: Playing to Type

Goblin punch’s dungeon checklist

Good to know my dungeons check off all those things. Maybe I should actually finish them to point I could publish some here so I’m not all talk.

Goblin Punch: Bottle Imps

Sweet disposable magic item/potion variant!

Crypt Of Rabies: A Gaming Supplement

Thaumiel is test-running a gaming supplement, I’m curious to see where he goes with it and how well it does.


Campaign For Liberty: The FED is like Bizarro Robin Hood

Stealing from the poor to give to the rich. You don’t even need to think of the Fed as a boogeyman to realize that it is a big source of political corruption and the economic problems mostly striking the lower and middle classes.

Many a True Nerd: Fallout 3 You Only Live Once

By attempting to subvert the unwritten expectation of the game with regards to player health and healing, he creates for himself an intricate and complicated gameplay. It’s a fun series and it also gets me thinking about how subverting mechanical or play expectations in my games leads to emergent behavior. I’ve run quite a few monsters, tricks, traps, and treasures that subvert the mechanics of D&D over the years and if I can scrounge up my notes I’ll write up a post with them.


You can blame Dragon’s Flagon for a getting me into writing class archetypes for D&D 5e. Here’s a shortlist of my ideas for each class.

Barbarian – Path of the Living Weapon. Alchemical rager/body-mod barbarian that seeks to become the ultimate weapon no matter the cost. 

Bard – College of the Shepherd. A ghostcaller bard that works with spirits and incorporeal undead,  binding them and using their causes of death. 

Cleric – Incarnate Domain. A cleric focused on infusing themselves with magic, becoming a living vessel for their god’s might. 

Druid – Circle of the Tempest. Druid’s obsessed with getting vengeance against civilization and those that wronged them by calling upon the fury of the storm.

Fighter – Puppetmaster. Specializing in projecting their strength and prowess through a puppet, keeping their foes at arms reach fighting disposable tools. 

Monk – Way of the Sword. This weapon based monk can turn just about anything at hand into a powerful combat tool.

Ranger – Stalker. A killer that builds up bonuses against monster types by killing lots of them. Studying the physiology of their foes gives them an unstoppable air, as they use fear and trickery to terrify their prey.

Rogue – Woe Bearer. A plague-bearer that invites curses, poisons, maladies, and bad luck into themselves in order to inflict it upon their foes. 

Sorcerer – Noble Arcana Bloodline. Drawing from your families history of dabbling in magic and rulership, this sorceror’s bloodline grants them power directly proportion to the title and land they hold while letting them excel in summons and compulsion.

Warlock – Nirvana Pact. Making a pact with the forces of good, the Warlock can call upon healing and restorative magic to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Wizard – Azure School. An Azure wizard draws upon the world around them for inspiration into the arcane arts, copying the natural abilities of monsters around them.


Which archetype are you most interested in seeing first?


4 thoughts on “5 Link Friday: Playing to Type

  1. Looking at your Noble Arcana sorcerous origin, have we ever talked about the Royal Sorcery origin I wrote up some time back? (I sincerely don’t recall.) Interested to see what you’d do there.


    1. Now that you mention it, I do remember reading it but didn’t comment. I’m thinking of taking mine in a more current direction with the class drawing power from the title and lands they currently hold, as it reflects upon their bloodline of old. I may have to come up with a new name then, if you’ve already got the royal bloodline. I was trying to go for archetypes that subvert the usual expectations o the class, like the sorcerer being tied to land and permanence rather than fickle bouts of inspiration. Same with something like the barbarian here turning to experimental technology and magic to become a war-machine.


      1. I hope I haven’t given the impression that I object to you pursuing the concept, under this or any other title. Do your thing. 🙂


      2. I’m encouraged to do a better job if anything! I just wrote up my Woe Bearer for the Rogue, but the Sorceror’s Noble Bloodline is up next.


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