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5e Character Archetypes: Bloodline of the Horde (Sorceror)

Bloodline of the Horde

Calm Genghis Khan

You draw your power from the people and lands crushed, united, and conquered under the rule of your ancestors. Their iron will flows through your veins as you demand of the very fabric of magic what your forebearers demanded of their subjects. Some who claim this bloodline tap into long distant relations, a reincarnation of an ancient will to power. Others take up the mantle of the conqueror by their own fierce determination, their blood boiling with a need to dominate or unite people under their rule.

Martial Ancestry

The powerful drive coursing through your veins has blessed you with the skill to wield the tools of conquerors. You gain proficiency with light armor, shortbows, longbows, crossbows, a martial weapon of your choice, and riding checks.

Demand Tribute

When you bring a leader, dungeon boss, or notable person to the brink of death, you can call upon your bloodline to demand their fealty in exchange for sparing their life. Your blood will seal the pact, placing your mark upon them. They are now considered a Bond. You can hire them at half of the normal maintenance and treasure share costs. Alternatively, you can demand a regular payment of half of their normal maintenance costs, which is relative to the power, land, and resources they command. These payments are in lieu of serving you directly.

Excessive demands or demands counter to their alignment may cause them to grow disloyal, eventually breaking their bond. You become immediately aware of creatures that have broken their oath against you, and they suffer a curse of dishonor, causing their charisma checks to suffer disadvantage. This curse is considered as a spell of the highest level you can cast for purposes of dispelling it.

Loyalty of the Legion

At 6th level, your renown and tales of conquest have begun to circulate. As rumors spread and incumbents begin to worry, your strength begins to flow into your minions. Your followers and hired henchmen use your proficiency bonus, if higher, for their attack and skill rolls instead of their own. When a follower of HD fewer than half of your own would be reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, if they are within your line of sight, they may make a CON save equal to the remaining damage plus 5 in order to drop to 1 hit point instead.

As a bonus action, you may spend a sorcery point and a damaging spell to imbue all followers within 30 feet with +1 damage of the element of the expended spell.

Lines of mounted cavalry

Gather the Host

Upon reaching level 14th, your Bond with your subjects has grown such that you can call upon their support from any distance. By expending your spell energy, you can spend an action to teleport willing followers to your side. You can teleport a number of HD worth of followers equal to twice the spell level expended, maximum fifth level spell for 10 HD worth of followers.

Demand Blood Tribute

Absorbing blood magic

Beginning at 18th level, your mastery over your conquests has deepened to their very being. Once each day you may drain the life essence of your subjects to restore your power. Each Bond you select loses 2 hit points per HD, while swirling energy surrounds you. This restores 2 hit points per HD and grants a number of sorcery points equal to the total HD of drained subjects divided by 5. Most subjects will not look kindly upon this demand and certainly become disloyal if the blood tribute is demanded more than once a week.

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