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Five Link Friday: Hack

…ing up a lung over here. This cold took the wind out of my sails and my throat was too torn up to even host my weekly game. I hope you weren’t too heartbroken missing a five link Friday for two days.

Victorian England Maps

Matt found a neat little trick to turn recent historical record-keeping digitization into a table resource. Especially nice if you don’t want to plan out a real city, but instead use ones people have already made for you.

Inkwell Ideas: 5e Creature Deck Kickstarter

While I’ve been more interested in the face cards to attach a real ‘person’ to my more important NPC’s, I am intrigued by having a random deck of monsters I could draw from for things like random encounters or just to throw down for my players to gawk at.

Goblin Punch: Another dismemberment table

Arnold is out there again, hacking away at his dismemberment tables. He’s starting to scare the neighbors… 

Harbringer of Doom: Royal Sorcerer

Brandes is such a copycat, copying me before I even come up with an idea. I’m glad he pre-emptively copied me though, his cool take on the noble sorcerer drove me into taking the conqueror approach to my intended royal themed bloodline. 

Hack & Slash Master: On OSR Innovation

Drama is drama, but Courtney posts some links in this and the follow up post he certainly proves OSR critics wrong, deluging those two pages with juicy link after juicy link to creative bombshells.


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