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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part XII)

Part XI.

Poppy seed heads

Poppy Seeds 30

These tiny, blue seed pods dissolve into a milky paste as you chew them. Suck out the juice and spit out the mash. You gain 2d6 temporary hit points and lose half of any pain penalties you are suffering, rounded up. After ten minutes, you drop back down by one temporary hit point each minute. When you have no temporary hit points from the poppies, your pain returns. Every time you eat Poppy Seeds, after the first handful each week, you must make a CON save, DC 12, or become addicted.

Potion of Climbing 50

The white powder of the Potion of Climbing are poured over hands and feet for a better grip while climbing. The potion takes an action to use and grants advantage on climb and balance checks for 10 minutes.

Disappearing liquid

Potion of Delusion 600

A Potion of Delusion is a rainbow swirl inside its bottle, but upon touching the air, becomes a thin, clear syrup. It has no taste or smell, but ingesting it forces a CON save, DC 14, or the drinker goes into a fugue. For the next 1d6 minutes, they are easily manipulated, highly suggestible, and have trouble distinguishing reality from their thoughts. They have disadvantage on all INT, WIS, and CHA checks and saves. Once they’ve had a long rest, their memories get sorted out and they will clearly remember everything that happened. Hushed gossip tells of ill-favored heirs receiving Potions of Delusion to be cured of their unfavorable phobias, manias, or other mental illnesses.

Potion of Diminution 1000

This wax-capped thimble holds just a drop of golden wax. Smearing the Potion of Dimunition in your ears and nose almost instantly shrinks you down four size categories. A quick dab on your equipment shrinks it along with you, up to your normal carrying capacity of inanimate objects. The size change lasts for one hour or upon death, then the shrunken creature grows by one size each round up to their normal size. The effect can be undone earlier by rubbing off the wax while breathing in deeply.

Potion of Flying 5000

Powdered feathers and pixie dust treated for the Potion of Flying must be snorted or rubbed into the gums for it to work, so non-living creatures or xenobiological creatures cannot use it. This potion grants a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability and lets the user take a bonus action to move up to their fly speed. A Potion of Flying lasts for four hours. At the end of the duration or while unconscious, the creature floats slowly to the ground.

Potion of Healing 50

A standard potion of healing is a vaguely red liquid that restores 2d6+2 hit points when drunk. The source of the red is often likened to a trademark, with some major brewers leaving rose hips, holly, blood, or candied fruit in the vials as a calling card.

Fancy healing potion

Potion of Healing, Empowered 150

Different shades of light to dark red dance and swirl in the glass. Drinking the Empowered Potion of Healing restores 4d6+2 hit points. Somewhat rarer than its standardized cousin, these potions see some flair to indicate their upper scale: intricate blown glass vials, carved wax seals, or red, marzipan hearts floating inside.

Potion of Healing, Perfect 1000

The gold standard of healing potions, the Perfect Potion of Healing restores the drinker to their full, maximum hit points and hit dice. The wine-red liquid is shot through with small flecks of pearl and gold while its crystal decanter is protected in a specially fitted purple heart-wood case.

Potion of Heroism 500

Drinking this heady mix of ambrosia and thick wine goes right to your head. You become immune to being frightened, gain 2 temporary hit points per hit die, and add 1d4 to your attack rolls and saving throws.

Potion of Invisibility 450

The Potion of Invisibility appears as an empty vial, until shaking it reveals its weight and a swishing of liquid inside. Downing the invisible liquid from the small glass flask turns you invisible until you attack or take a hostile action. After attacking, the illusion struggles to keep up, distorting light imperfectly to give you a +2 bonus to AC and attack instead of full invisibility. The potion’s effects last for 5 minutes; but for the next few hours, your sweat and body fluids stain, making things appear slightly blurry until washed.


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