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Five Link Friday: Pulling it all together

Nightmares made of VHS

Who needs some nightmare fuel monsters to put in their games or haunt their dreams? Sculptures in Iceland have answered that question by pulling apart and reassembly tons of old cassette tapes.

Paul Graham: The Refragmentation

A thoughtful hypothesis about why america is increasing culturally and politcally fragmented. Why the world wars and the draft kept america homogenized in its products, culture, and politics.

Figure out what you’re worth.

A call to action by one of my favorite woodworkers in figuring out how much to sell you products for. It applies more for custom made goods, but the idea still stands for creative, distributed works.

John Whale: Grants

If you are a believer in government’s ability to solve problems, why not put your money where you mouth is? More precisely, why not apply to get grants to do better work than the current crop of incumbent rent seekers? Apparently, most grants are given out for nebulous, but nice-sounding programs, so if you can do moderately bettter using real methodology, why not prove that government can be effective?

Medieval Magic

A dictionary compiling all the charms, magic words, rituals, and other related nonsense throughout the ages. Why come up with random magic sayings, rituals, and weirdness when you can use historical nonsense?!?

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