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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part XIII)

Part XVII.

I found a few items sitting in the wrong spots alphabetically, so the raven feather token and the refined lotus power will be moved to the correct spots when I put all my magic items together.

golden potion

Potion of Longevity 4000

This position is a mix of enchanted milk and honey, enchanted with the essence of youth. Drinking this potion removes 2d4 years of age, to a minimum of young adulthood, restores that many hit points, and halves the user’s rate of aging for the next 10 years.

Potion of Mind Reading 500

Gritty bits of copper float in the thick jelly of this potion. Massaging it into your scalp gives you the effects of a Detect Thoughts spell for five minutes. A creature that saves against the effect does not end it, but is instead immune to further mental probing you attempt for the next 24 hours. Each round, if there are more creatures within the range of the telepathy than your wisdom modifier, you must make a DC 10 Wisdom save or suffer 1d6 psychic damage.

Potion of Poison 200

A Potion of Poison mimics the consistency and appearance of the last potion it touched. On its own, it is a sickly green color. Drunk, it poisons the drinker for 3d10 minutes unless they make a DC 15 Constitution save. On a success, they only take 1d6 poison damage before vomiting. Each minute they spend poisoned, they suffer 1d6 poison damage but their blood becomes poisonous. Any creature that gets your blood in their wounds or body must make a DC 13 Constitution save or suffer 1d6 poison damage each round for 5 rounds. They may make a new save against the poison each round.

Potion of Speed 6000

Upon quaffing this fine white sugar dust laced with fairie powder puts the user under the effects of a Haste spell for 10 minutes. Any fatigue, exhaustion, or Slow effects are removed for the duration. The user’s metabolism vastly speeds up, granting them advantage on Constitution saves and healing them by 1 hit point each round for the duration. When the effect ends, the user becomes exhausted and incapacitated for 1 minute as their body violently stabilizes. They must eat ten times their normal amount for each of the next three days or begin to starve.

Gill ears

Potion of Waterbreathing 100

The skin on your neck gets itchy and dry, peeling up into a set of flaps like gills. You could stick your fingers deep in their and reach your throat. After eating the small jar of pickled, orange fish eggs, you can now also breathe underwater. Once the effect ends after a number of minutes equal to your constitution score, the gills mostly heal, leaving behind wide, shallow cuts on your neck. Some potions of this kind are cursed and remove your ability to breathe normal air for the duration.

Purple Worm Bile 4000

Runny black liquid fills this thick glass canister. Purple Worm Bile is the strong stomach acid from its namesake. The already sticky digestive is specially prepared to be as thick as molasses to prevent accidental spillage. Spread on an object, it can eat through any material except pure gold, silver, or platinum (or specially treated containers) at a rate of 5d6 damage each round, ignoring the material’s hardness. Applied to a weapon, Purple Worm Bile deals 5d6 acid damage to both the weapon and the target on a hit. A vial of the acid lasts until it deals 300 total acid damage.

Qwik 50

Qwik is a white, starchy adhesive that will quickly bond any two items together, requiring a DC 15 strength to pull them apart. Metals or glass being glued this way only need a DC 12 check to pull apart. In a pinch, Qwik can bind a wound closed, reducing bleed damage by 1d4, requiring a full round action to hold the wounds closed while the glue dries enough to hold.

Raven on a skull

Feather Token, Raven 2000

Snapping this jet-black feather calls forth a large raven. It perches on the arm or shoulder of its summoner. Its beady eyes jerk about, taking everything in. The raven will answer any question it is asked, even rhetorical ones, with as much knowledge as a common sage would have access to. It is prone to being cryptic or mysterious. The real talent of this magic raven is that it can translate any spoken or written language, and can almost perfectly copy any writing with its talons. The Feather Token Raven has to be fed and given access to new literature, plays, or stories equivalent to a short novel each day or it will get angry. Additionally, if it fails a morale check or if its owner makes an egregious grammatical error it will get angry. If anything would make it angry while it is already mad it will shout “Nevermore!” and fly away.

Lotus powder

Refined Lotus Powder 3000

Purified in the white hot flames of distilled palm oils, this powder is a powerful tool for opening up creature’s mental energies. Touched to a creature’s skin, that creature must make a DC 15 constitution or they become incapacitated for 1d10 + 2 rounds. If the powder gets in a creature’s blood or is ingested, instead the creature’s Charisma and Wisdom modifiers are doubled while they take 1d6 ongoing psychic damage each minute for 2d6 minutes. Two successful constution saves ends both effects. The duration of any wisdom or charisma based effects of the creature are doubled for the next 24 hours.

Restoration Potion 500

This overly briny, sea-foam green potion heals the drinker of a up to three diseases, poisons, up to 5 points of statistic drain, or other malignant spell effects of spells of level 3 or below.

Restoration Potion, Greater 2500

The dark blue, watery potion is thoroughly saturated with magical salts that heal the drinker of all maladies, poisons, statistic drain, or other malignant spell effects that do not require a specific Wish spell to cure. Pouring this into the mouth or open wounds of a creature that died in the last three rounds will revive it, restoring it to 1 hit point.


Next post, Part XIV.

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