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Fiverr: Sci-Fi Weapony and High-Tech Modularity

Last week, I put together a list of sci-fi weaponry for a Fiverr client of mine. In the course of the project, both he and I came to the conclusion that Sci-Fi weapons would better reflect the tech-focus of the world by having the weapons be modular.

You can see the document here.

What I found fun and challenging here was how to represent a range of weapons across common ballistics, melee weapons, high-tech, and near-fantasy-tech with a simple that wasn’t just endless tables. While I could hack on this problem for a long time, I’ve got a pretty elegant system. Each part of the weapon confers different trade-offs, like damage, range, or rate of fire. Capture

If I were into playing or creating my own sci-fi ruleset, a modular parts list really lets the tech-minded players get into the meat of things with only a small front-end investment by a GM. I only created four parts for each of the four categories, but that is already a ton of different weapons! With only minor work, I could add a part here or there, maybe toss in a legendary or unique component, and things get crazy.

For grab and go setups, I included a few common weapons as pre-built combos. I left the pricing off, as the client wanted to set that himself, but those standard weapons can be picked up off the bat, customizing them later as the player grows into their character.


If you’re not into cool hacks for Sci-Fi weapons that I’m sure have been done before and better, you might like the sets of unique weapons and munitions I put together to fill out the weapons list for my Fiverr client.



I’ve really enjoyed working with Warren on this and other projects. When he finishes playtesting and publishing, I want to pick up a copy to see how everything turns out.


If you want some help with creative works for your game, figuring out a tricky houserule, need a map drawn, or a how-to guide on creating some table-top terrain, why not check out my fiverr gigs to see if we can work something out.

Fiverr page screenshot


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