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Five Link Friday: Around the World

Liberalism Saved Sweden

While the social democracy and nordic socialist policies are given the credit for the high standards of the Swedes, it is actually their full-on drive towards economic and social liberty that gave them the wealth to go from a half-starved peninsula into a world-class economy.

World Builder Blog: Hex Crawl Tips

I especially liked the post about traveling and sending players all across the map. My current campaign is in a tributary empire sprawled across most of a continent. It isn’t high-fantasy enough for airships or rail, but I definitely want to incorporate portals or faster travel of some sort between major cities.

Black Shark Enterprises: 20 Guard Search Parties

If you’re players are doing something suspicious, you need this list of random guard searches to keep them on their toes.

Kickstarter: World Architect Cards

Already funded, I’ll be waiting until this project gets closer to the deadline to see if it is something I want to pick up. It seems like it should be in my wheelhouse, but honestly the art is a bit of a turn off for me. It is a little too cartoonish.

5e Grognard: Airs of Ages Past

Jon published a thing! This one is a pay what you want for a collection of 9 magical harps. I think that means I’ve got to get back to the grindstone and finish something already.

1 thought on “Five Link Friday: Around the World

  1. Hey thanks so much for sharing this link and collecting the others! I am enjoying reading through them now.


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