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The Art of Being a Monster: Nymph

Haughty fey


Faerie kind holds the power of wonder and mystery firmly in their domain. Whether it is defending the realm from corrupting influences or bringing your grace to the world, you must be prepared to draw steel. Use your charms to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Turn aside threats. Redirect your enemies attacks to where they belong, in their ally’s gut. The minions you surround yourself will serve as distractions while you bind your foes. If you can’t, make no qualms about retreating for another day.

Dark fairy queen


F: Keep the steel-clad warriors close where you can predict their attacks. Barriers, minions, and distractions are the bracer against which you will knock your arrows. Trick them into fighting for you. Charm them, bind them, and bait them into attacking their allies. Their martial honor will do well in your plots and is easily sidestepped.


T: Lure these scruffy troublemakers in with fake openings. Distract them and lead them to where you can bind them with magic and metal. Take the opportunity to go after their allies, or finish them off, but assume that your restraints will fail sooner rather than later. Turn their allies and tricks against them.

Fairy Clique Magic the Gathering

R: While staying out of the line of fire, keep the sleek bowman on their back foot with traps, underlings, and your own ranged attacks. While you deal with their friends, ensure that any shot they can line up on you risks striking someone they don’t want to shoot. Get close to them. Bait an attack. Misdirect it with illusions, tricks, and prepared dodging right into their allies backs.


W: Decide quickly how to deal with your dashing magical opponents. If you cannot turn an ally on them or get in close to disable them yourself, retreat to a battle where you can. Spellcasters can resist spells and tricks more heartily than most, not to mention their nearly unavoidable area spells. If you can’t run or dispatch the wizard, laugh at them as you waste their costly spells, countering them as you go. Grandiose spellcasters often forget the positioning of their allies in the heat of battle, and can quickly become an asset when charmed. 

A Nymph’s Flawless Machinations

Fey have a long legacy to uphold. It would be quite unbecoming for you to fail having not prepared for even the most rudimentary cautions carefully laid out below. Beauty and curiosity are the edge that catches light, distracting in one pass, creating red art in the other. Avant garde! Tradition! Modernity! Explore it all, but never let foolishness slip in.

  • Be direct in your endeavors, but kind in your manner. Lesser races cannot comprehend the subtleties of the fey, best not to burden them.
  • You needn’t always explore the new and exciting. Old tricks can bring about surprising results with new applications.
  • Immature fey often become embroiled in machinations dozens of layers thick. Overly complex plans are just that, for children.
  • Do not trick or curse children. Mortals, with their eye always on their mortality, are overly attached to their young. They will bring undue force and attention to you.
  • Wizards, monsters hunters, and adventurers are poor targets for pranks. They have resources and unstable psyches that can backfire on you in ways you least expect.
  • Thousand year spells fail on the eve of coronation. Compulsion sputters out just before she says yes. Expect and plan on charms and illusions failing with the greatest inconvenience.

Goblins serving a fairy

  • It is best to be unpredictable. Contract some of your work out to the good, the bad, and the ugly (the law-obsessed, undead, and goblins, respectively). Being able to strike from unexpected places is your heritage and inheritance. Use it.
  • It is best to keep on hand a reliable means of changing shape, size, and appearance. Nearly all traps and snares can be avoided or mitigated by shifting from one extreme or the other.
  • Conjuration should supplement your illusions seamlessly. No one, not even from your own tells, should be able to detect a difference in the two until it is too late. Physical traps and minions can serve this purpose well.


  • Keep informants near enough to local and famous hunters or adventurers. Assume any informant can be compromised. Never punish a messenger unless you intend to turn your network of informants into yes-men and double-agents. The activity of turning your network upside down can be a rewarding, if costly, past-time. 
  • You shall not allow silly rumors of fairies hoarding oddities to go unchallenged. This will ensure that your enemies give credence to the false idea. Distasteful and garish if it isn’t to your taste, but you can pretend that a pile of teeth is your treasure, keeping your real valuables hidden one step beyond.
  • Small pots of gold and fabricated magical powders are a useful insurance policy against lucky or powerful enemies. A tribute and a gracious defeat affords you subtle revenge.
  • Charming the dull brute will be the easiest but the lanky genius in their company will not see it coming. They are much more useful.
  • When all the world expect misdirection and bluster, a single acid arrow can save so much trouble. Wildly opposing magic and techniques are to be kept as closely guarded secret weapons.

Zombie fairy: A spell gone wrong?

  • Never go without a means to cancel a spell effect. Whether it is one that binds you or your own spell that has gone awry, no noble fey should ever go unprepared. You should sooner go unglamered.
  • Your lair should be filled with all manner of dangerous, cursed, and completely innocent seeming objects to delay intruders wary of fairy stereotypes for trickery. Ensure that such assumptions are not wrong.
  • It is an excellent excuse to be able to blame fairy politics for your actions when trapped. Bolster stories of cruel and unusual punishments suffered by disobedient fairies. Make sure to keep steady bribes paid and favors done to ensure that the royal court will have your back in such claims. Outsiders need not know that the fairy court serves its tributaries, instead of the reverse.
  • Make time to perform needless acts of kindness, especially for children. Those you help with trivial efforts will return the favor tenfold, spreading the good word. A mixed reputation may be the difference for heroes and hunters to hesitate just long enough for you to turn the tables or escape.
  • If you need or want access to royalty, go against type. Anyone who suspects a fairy in the royal circle, will immediately look to the fool or the bard. Few would suspect a stodgy, nose-to-the-grindstone steward or stuffy-mannered valet informing the king’s style choices. Who in the castle is readily ignored?
  • When true fairy politics presents itself, play to win. Befriend everyone you can, genuinely. Leave alone anyone you cannot. Enemies should be destroyed utterly, with no sense for fair play or dramatic tendency. Revenge and intrigue plots tend to involve unseemly costs and inconvenience.

While you bear the heavy crown of your noble blood, remember this diatribe fondly. It shall escort you to fruitful endeavors. Elegance in all things, ground-breaking and ancient, shall carry forth your living legacy, timeless, to the world.

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