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Five Link Friday: Build It Up, Piece by Piece.

Goblin Punch: OSR Style Challenges “Rulings not Rules” is Insufficient

I think this is why, despite only really playing 3.5 and 5e, I fit in with so much of the content being created by self-labeled OSR bloggers. My DM style is to be open to the possibility of out-of-the-box solutions. A minor caveat to the blog though, is that I like to include ways for the players to use their character’s skills through rolling if they can’t or don’t want to come up with an alternate solution.

Walter Sorrells: Wooden Karambit

Walter Sorrells is back at it again with an adorable wooden karambit. Are there other youtube videos of people making normally metal tools out of exotic wood? This seems really cool to me.

Jennifer's Modular Floor Tiles

Jennifer’s Modular Tiles on DMSCraft Forums

Jennifer has wonderful modular floor tiles with an easy to craft build. I was hesitant with some of the other modular floors because they required lots of fiddly-bits and cutting, but using glue-soaked cork-board for durability and texture is insightful!

2 Minute Tabletop

He’s like a Bob Ross of tabletop map drawing. I found him courtesy of FrugalGM, and all of his videos are in my watch later playlist.

Quillette: The Unbearable Asymetry of Bullshit

Ever wonder how so much bunk, hokum, pseudoscience, and exaggerated claims get through into the public sphere? Brian Earp makes a solid case regarding some of the factors that go into it. BONUS POINTS FOR THE GISH GALLOP REFERENCE, MY FAVORITE NAME FOR FALLACIOUS NONSENSE.

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