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Single-Use Substances and Spelljunk (Part XVI)

Woo! With this post, I am done with my long list of brainstormed magic items. I’d like to go back through and proofread the whole thing. Maybe I’ll do them in smaller batches, clean them up for some pay what you want purchases on DriveThruRPG.

Part XV.

Hurcules Beetle

Suture Beetles 50

This horned beetle has huge, pronged jaws and a meaty belly. Apply pressure to pop off its head, then release to skewer a wound closed. This deals 1 damage to the target but stops up to 10 ongoing bleed damage. The fleshy body left in the box is then crushed into a purple jelly and rubbed onto the wound and any smaller cuts to stop blood loss.

Tavern in a Bottle 1000

A warm fire burns in the miniature tavern scene inside this large glass jug. Uncorking the bottle will swirl up the tiny furniture inside, enlarging it as it lands around the opener. Outdoors, the bottle creates a 15’ x 30’ tavern with wooden walls, floors, and a shingled room with two attic rooms and a cobblestone cellar underneath. The sign out front will bear whatever name and icon the user desires. Whatever can’t fit in the available space requests input from the user for an alternative placement. The tavern will fail to grow if a majority of the furniture or tavern are unable to find space, and the whole bottle will reset itself. Indoors, it lines the walls and floors with nice wood paneling, and creates furniture suited to the space, including storage, kitchen, and two guest rooms. The food and stores in the tavern are enough for one hundred meals and drinks, as well as enough firewood for a 50 hours of heat.

Thorn Bomb 300

A Thorn Bomb is an eight inch clay sphere wrapped in a waving pattern of grass twine. Lighting the dried grass on fire acts as the bomb’s fuse. The bomb can be tossed up to 60 feet before it explodes into razor sharp vegetation, vines, and thorns. This deals 2d4 damage to a 20 foot radius, triggering a Spike Growth in that same area that lasts for ten minutes. This works even in the absence of plants.

Tobacco 15

A pipeful of tobacco or a mouthful of browned chew gives +1 to initiative for 1 hour and +2 to perception checks. At end of the hour, the bonuses fade, then after another hour become a -1 to initiative and perception for an hour. Another use of tobacco removes these penalties. There is a minor risk of addiction with using tobacco, with addiction imposing a -2 to endurance checks.

Castle in a bottle

Tower in a Bottle 4000

A square, circular tower is firmly planted inside this capped glass vase. Ripping off the paper seal releases a simple, stone tower, 60 feet tall and 30 feet radius from its shrinking magic. The towers growth and interior layout is controlled by the user. A Tower in a Bottle comes stocked with appropriate garrison furniture, armory, tools, and a storage room with supplies. Also, it springs forth with an exterior stockyard with raw stone, wood, and mortar for reinforcement, entrenchment, or expansion. It fails to work if used inside (leaving it ready to try again in 24 hours) unless there is sufficient space for the tower to stand around the user.

Truemind Spirits 250

The brown glass of this flask holds a clear, high proof, bitterroot infused alcohol. A shot of this is enough to give you a free save against an ongoing mental effect as part of a move action. Your regret in having taken a shot of this vile liquor is enough to get you to think twice the life decisions that led you to this point. Taken ahead of time, a shot instead provides a +2 bonus on saves against mental effects for an hour, but imposes a -1 penalty to initiative. There are 6 shots in each flask. The bitterroot aftertaste stays in your mouth for for two hours.

Truthful Candle 2500

Burning this off-white, tallow candle releases smoke in small runic shapes for up to an hour. A Zone of Truth is created within 50’ of the burning Truthful Candle. This effect makes creatures unable to lie. With a successful WIS save, DC 18, an affected creature can avoid giving an answer to a question, as well as functionally similar ones, for an hour. Only clever word choice will force the interrogated to get to the point and not be misleading. The candle lasts for 1 hour, but can be used in 1 minute increments.

Undead Bait 1500

Specially treated brains are catnip to undead. Mindless undead will go to the exact limits of obeying their orders to try and eat a piece of this brain. A single use of Undead Bait will be snatched up and eaten as a free action by an undead within reach, destroying it in the process even by undead without digestive systems. Intelligent undead must make a WIS save, DC 15, or be compelled to try and eat the bait. Each turn they must in some way work towards getting the brain. Each round they may make a new save, at disadvantage, to regain their composure and become immune to Undead Bait for 24 hours. A single box of Undead Bait holds ten brain bits, individually wrapped in wax. Opened Undead Bait can be smelled by undead out to 200’, while sentient undead can only be overpowered by the smell if it is within 60’.

Universal Solvent 50

Universal Solvent was mixed and billed as a counteragent for Qwik, but this enhanced mineral spirit also weakens other adhesive. Applied to a stuck creature or object, the target recieves a new save to escape at a +2 bonus. Used on untriggered webs or traps, a single use is enough to weaken a square foot of adhesive by 100 lbs per square inch. There are five dabs of spirits in this metal canteen.

Vegetation Bomb 600

Vines and thorns explode out after pulling its single flower bud off of this tangle of dense vines. The bomb detonates a moment later, and can be tossed up to 60 feet, creating an Evard’s Black Tentacles effect within a 30’ radius. The magical vines in that area writhe in place, making grapple attacks each round with a +7 bonus against any creature in the area. Grappled creatures take 1d6 damage every time they lose a grapple check against the vines. The plants wither away after ten minutes.

pokeball ornament

Vermin Bomb 500

Vermin Bombs are red and white, garishly painted, hollow wooden spheres. They will implode on impact, teleporting in a collection of junk from the nearest random sewer or garbage dump. The unloads into the area a huge pile of trash and charmed swarm of mixed vermin and insects. This makes it difficult terrain out of a 20’ radius from the bomb as well as very difficult terrain out of the area within 5’. The swarm follows the mental command of the bomber, as its dense grouping covers 6 5’ squares of ground, dealing 1d6 poison damage to creatures that start their turn in its space. Any creature dealt damage by the swarm must save or immediately contract a random non-magical disease. The swarm has AC 13, and 30 HP, and movement speed of 30 feet. The swarm disperses when it loses its HP or after 1 hour.

Voice of the Sea 750

By holding the conch shell to your ear you can hear the ocean. Any divination spell relating to the ocean is cast with advantage. Licked, the shell turns out to be sweet and can be eaten like delicious glass shards. For five minutes after eating, the shell grants the ability to breathe underwater and fight as if on land. Multiple people can share the shell, splitting the total duration between them. Multiple people can share it but split up the duration between them. Fish and seafolk will often accept these shells as payment for mercenary services, and it is worth twice its value to those creatures.

Willow Bark 20

Chewing this hardy bark halves pain or nausea penalties, rounding them down, for the next 1d4+1 hours. This bonus also haves any concentration check penalties from damage taken. There is a minor risk of addiction, and addiction causes the user a slight fever when they haven’t had the bark in the last 24 hours, imposing a -2 to DEX and CON checks. Addicted people need to eat an additional dose of Willow Bark in order to benefit from the pain reduction effect for each week they’ve been addicted.

Woodmites 75

A handful of wood weevils hibernate in a loose net until thrown. Then they’ll infest an area, biting and snipping at those that stand in the 10’ radius where the net lands. Each creature that starts its turn in the area gets 1d4 weevils on them, causing 1 ongoing damage each. After 10 rounds, the weevils no on a creature burrow and scurry away.  The weevils ignore non-magical damage resistances, armor, and hardness less than stone. Fire, alcohol, or oil are the only ways to get them off without taking 5 damage per weevil to rip it off.

Zombie Dust

Zombie Dust Poison 200

Zombie Dust is a royal purple, fine powder meant to be blown in the faces of your enemies. With a deep breathe, you can cast it out in a 5’ cone. Affected creatures must make a CON save, DC 12 or make their initiative and mental saves at disadvantage for 1d4-1 hours. Affected creatures give off blank stares and feel mentally distant from their physical forms. Creatures under the effects of Zombie Dust get +2 to attack and damage and resistance to physical damage while they are under the effects of magical compulsion. Once it wears off, the callous disregard the creature has shown for its body hits it hard, imposing a -2 to each physical attribute per hour spent under its influence, this effect lasts for 48 hours.

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