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February 2016 Mythoard

Mythoard is in this month, and despite first appearances, I am quite happy with what is in the bundle.

Feb 2016 Mythoard Overview

Here is the overview of this month’s haul: Magebird Quest of Dragonquest Magazone, a free month of adventures from (requires signup that you can cancel anytime), a DCC supplement Age of Undying, The Great Minecart Race, a laminated ship map, and The Shears of the Stitcher Queen half page insert.

Age of Undying

The Age of Undying is a DCC supplement focusing on what happens after the players basically change the fundamental nature of the universe. Creatures that die no longer pass on but must fight over any living bodies to control. The picture here shows what some of the permanent consequences of unleashing this undying curse on the lands.

The stats and abilities are mostly system neutral, courtesy of Dungeon Crawl Classics style, and could be easily used in my D&D 5e game (and it just might, depending on what my players get up to in the forbidden wastes).

Laminated Ship Map

This beauty was sitting at the bottom of the hoard. The detailed and multi-piece boat is just what I need for players that have suddenly gotten curious about some high-seas adventure. Arcknight has done a great job with this. You might recognize the art style from the flat plastic miniatures from last month. Their website isn’t finished yet, but you might want to bookmark this one to check on later:

Minecart Race Map

Who hasn’t tried to run a cart/rail race in their campaign before? I want to dive more deeply into the mechanics of this adventure’s race to see how it might play out in the game, but suffice to say that it has quite a lot of moving parts. I won’t spoil the cool ending, but it does offer a great tie-up for the whole story with plenty of choices for the players to make.

Captain Baskor of Dragon Quest Magazine

This dude has seen some things. Inside this magazine is a wide variety of dungeons, encounters, some removable boat maps, and plenty of game fodder.


When I opened this hoard and didn’t see any bits and miniatures, I was a little dissapointed. Digging into the material though, there is a wealth of goodies here, not to mention the awesome laminated boat and Age of Undying setting modifier.

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