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Thaw: OPD Entry WIP

It is that season again, and I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the One Page Dungeon Contest. I’d like to post my work as I go to document it, possibly get some feedback, and show off. This dungeon is centered around the idea of a degrading dungeon that incentivizes quick-play beyond the normal limits of wandering monsters. As soon as the first door is cracked open to this dungeon, the whole place starts melting. An adventure built for 4-6 players of level 4-6.

How many weapons of war, frozen and sealed away in this vault, can the adventurers gather before they are forced out? Monsters bred for war, like snoblins, yeti’s, lava worms, or ice-rams, are unfreezing just like the doors and furniture of the vault. They aren’t happy and their handlers are long since gone.

OPD 2016 WIP 1

Other interesting features of this dungeon will include hallways and bridges unfreezing, exposing new areas to both the players and the monsters free of their icy prisons. Some rooms might free whole nests of monsters that begin exploring, increasing the frequency of wandering monsters. Each minute spent here or room explored, DM’s choice, will see more ice melt. These will be noted by little numbered triangles. At the same time, all that ice has to go somewhere. Ice cold water starts to build up, inch-by-inch, chilling the players to the bone.

OPD 2016 WIP 2  To emphasize the grab-and-smash nature of the dungeon, each mundane item stash or treasure location will be rolled randomly from item tables. As the entries from that table are taken, they are crossed out. Stay tuned here, as I will post higher level variants and a chart for setting the ice-melting order randomly. Also, I will generate a player-facing map that hides the secrets and monsters that you can print off to use at your table.

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