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Thaw: OPD Entry Rough Draft

Thaw One Page Dungeon Rough Draft

I’ve cut and taped my area sketches together into a very rough dungeon. Next step is to redraw everything with pencil in a more condensed, final draft. Once I am happy with that, I’ll give it some ink, color it up with prismacolors, and then start writing to fill up the rest of the page.

With this dungeon, I am deciding against my usual style of dungeon drawing, avoiding as much map detail as I can. Monsters are abstracted with silly icons, room types will be listed for a DM to fill in, but most importantly, the flavor of the dungeon will be empowered by the ‘mundane’ item drops. These are going to be notes frozen to desks, monster food found in frosty boxes, or goods left behind in the abandoned facility. I think a Fallout-esque style of building flavor by showing rather than telling fits the dungeon theme. Here’s to hoping I can pull it off.

How do you build up flavor in your dungeons? What was your most memorable experience exploring a dungeon? Did a dungeon’s design ever lead to unintended plot-lines that the authors didn’t intend?

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