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One Page Dungeon 2016: Thaw

Here is my entry for the 2016 One Page Dungeon Contest. Click the image below for the PDF.

THAW is a dungeon able to be inserted anywhere a lost research facility could be found. The players will race against time to get treasure before the cold gets to them, but they have to wait for ice blockages to melt to get around. Treasures aren’t the only things defrosting in here…

opd 2016 cropped

If you’re here from the OPD 2016, here are some of my other works you might enjoy:

5e Character Archetypes: Woe Bearer (Rogue). Part of an ongoing series, this archetype is about a rogue that takes in diseases, poisons, and misery to wield them as weapons.

1d10 Riddles  This post also includes a short bit on how a simple hint system worked in my game.

The Art of Being a Monster: Nymph. An ongoing series that combines a fantasy Art of War with the Evil Overlord Do’s and Don’ts, written for monsters A-Z.

DMsGuild: Insectoid Armory. I’ve written up hundreds of unique magic items over the years here, and now I’m going back through them. As I update them, I post them to DMsGuild in PDF format, PWYW. Of course, you can always browse those same items here with the Magic Items tag.

Supernatural Abilities and Mutations. For one of my Fiverr clients, I put together a fun list of sci-fi themed mutations and abilities. I do fantasy and sci-fi writing work on commission, so if you’ve got writer’s block or want some help, feel free to reach out.




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