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Crafts: Linoleum Based Tilescapes

With the success I had with my last batch of terrain, I wanted to test using linoleum tile as basing for my room tiles. I also wanted to give DMScotty’s Tilescapes a try.

From the top left, in order are: cork-board, aluminum foil, nothing, foam-core (not dollar-store stuff so the paper didn’t peel well), Popsicle sticks, textured wallpaper, sand, stone texture spray-paint, and a different textured wallpaper. Everything is holding solidly with just white pva glue, but going forward, I think I will use the sand for my cavern tiles, Popsicle sticks for buildings, and a mix of cork-board, foam-core, and textured wallpaper for my dungeons.

The tile I use, is from Home Depot.

You can get something similar from Amazon or something a little cheaper but half white.


Here are two larger photos showing pink construction foam walls glued to linoleum tile base. The walls have a decent weight such that they will pop back down if tipped. What are they sitting on? Well, you’ll have to tune in for a later post, as that is part of another test craft I’m tinkering with to use for a battle-mat.


IMG_0930The Pro’s:

-These are super easy to make. You score and snap the tile. Glue your base. Black-bomb. Stamp with grey then beige and brown for highlights using a sponge. (Or paint brown then drag a beige sponge to highlight and ‘age’ the wood).

-Tilescapes are very easily modular and don’t require lots of fiddly walls. Doors and such can easily be placed between tiles where it might get confusing.

-I can still place down whole rooms at a time.

The Con’s:

-Not as modular as smaller tiles.

-Walls aren’t built in so placed tiles might not line up with the map when placed in groups.

-It takes a different frame of mind to treat empty spaces between tiles as the ‘walls’ rather than having physical walls in place around every room.


Since my biggest impediment is time and patience to craft a full set of anything, the pro of being easy to make is the enough to firmly put me on the Pro side. I’ll keep posting more as I make more, comment below on any questions you have about using linoleum tiles in your crafts!

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