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Tessellations as Puzzles

I had some down time over memorial weekend, so I tested out some new felt tipped sharpies and my tessellation coloring book.

1 (2)

This diagram appears on a heavily locked vault door, with the rest of the image hidden behind the walls the door is built into. The central circle of each tessellation extends out a small amount, and can be pressed.

Above the door:

The acolyte attempting the ceremony must always remember what is seen and what is unseen. In the temple of knowledge, it is not only important to know but also to know the limits of ones knowledge.


On a nearby wall or perhaps a note hidden elsewhere:

  1. An acolyte must choose, with surety, so that no oil vial of the three can match. (The Oil Vials or the black tubes with brown level markers)
  2. Then the acolyte selects the central circle. If a circle’s wedges have at least two colors matching, then its neighbors are not safe to press at this time.
  3. Now, the circle with six fully charged nodes shall be pushed. (A node shall be considered charged if its blue power lines and the domed rectangles are both fully colored. Only the six directly off of a circle count)
  4. An acolyte shall choose the circle whose two rings’ color bands match in only one place.
  5. Finally, push the circle whose colored rings can be rotated to match.

Incorrect responses can trigger ominous sounds as warnings, cause a repeatable trap to trigger (damaging the guesser), or cause the door to lock for a period of time.

[Answers below the bleed-through on the other side of the page. Feel free to use this for a more ‘roughed-up’ antique version if you want. I think it looks cool.]

1 (3)

  1. Right side, 2nd from the top.
  2. Left side, 3rd from the top.
  3. Middle, 2nd from the top.
  4. No correct node. This is a trick question.
  5. Left side, 3rd from the top.

Feel free to reuse this however you want, I would just appreciate a mention and a link here if you do.

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