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Hexcrawl Encounters: 4 Daily Encounter Outlines

Here are 4 daily encounter outlines generated using my Encounter Generator. For reference, the first, six digit number is the 6d6 roll for the day. Then I proceed through to show my work of each roll I made to generate each part. Enjoy, and if you use them in your game, leave a comment about how your players reacted.


Early Morning 18 Special T3x L3x Locale (4): sparse, settled, impasse, out of place Keyword (3): dead, peace, life.

-A small town of a dozen or so homes and shops is blackened and burned out. A single homestead near the center of the town is untouched. The fields around the town are lush and overflowing with bounty.

-Underneath that house is a sleeping demigod. A histrionic and overly-friendly family will offer to let the players stay for free as guests. Sleep here is extremely restful, and will reinvigorate the sleeper as if they had rested for a whole week. 

-If asked about the town, the family will go into a fit of tears and wailing about losing all of their friends and neighbors. They will calm down in a few minutes as they quietly pray in thanks for the gods having saved them from the wildfire that overtook the town. Friendly players might receive more than a few hints that they should settle here when they retire, and one of the families older children might take a keen interest.

-Underneath the home can be a place to insert a small dungeon underneath the house, with a sleeping demi-god and its minions attending the place. Every time the players return to the family, the weirdly fertile farmland and the family should become increasingly odd. Later, things might become obvious or shifting ground may reveal the entrance to that dungeon.


Late Evening PLOT 17 Special L2x T3x Locale(3): rugged, lush, rough Keyword(1): dead

-A thick forest, rainforest, or high grasses in a very hilly and ravine-filled area, which forces the players to slog up and down rough paths.

-A display ahead is set up and consists of dead corpses in various stages of rotting. Going beyond the loose fence line of speared and hung bodies instead of going around will expose the players to a watchman, who is hiding in the vegetation, and who will report them to his organization. If caught, he will be hard to break or interrogate, and is heavily scarred. If actually broken, he will only reveal the name of the group they are from and if really pressed will explain how his group is going to win and how it will benefit <some sympathetic group>.

-There may be quest related items on some of the more recent corpses, such as wanted posters, orders to investigate this group for pay, or mercenary papers that the players could collect on if they wanted to pursue them.

-PLOT: Symbology on the corpses and warnings are related to either an already established evil group, a new evil group, or a morally neutral/good group trying to appear more dangerous than they are.


Afternoon 19 Trick T5x L5x Locale(4): wet, sparse, settled, impasse Keyword(3): life, peace, resource

Trick: trigger Consume, severity Harm, target Connections

-A quiet, lazy town around an oasis or serene pond. People take forever to say anything and will stop talking to you if you ignore any pleasantries or mess up any customary politeness.

-They will offer you many foodstuffs, accommodations, and other such things. If you partake in anything but don’t say thanks, then you will earn their silent enmity. Otherwise, they offer good deals, hearty food, and pleasant conversation. 

-If you have angered them, they will turn on you as impolite visitors, reacting coldly and spitting on the ground nearby when you talk to them. They do not attack directly to seek their vengeance, but will thereafter seek to ruin the players reputations in any ways they can. This is a town of Strangergangers, a cousin to the doppelganger that can only shift appearances into that of a trustworthy stranger. They are unable to copy specific people, but always appear as a plausible and pleasant stranger. 

-If they are deathly allergic to being known more closely than as an acquaintance. Their constant prattling on social niceties is actually a required survival mechanism.

Late Evening 5 Empty T6 False Signs L5x Locale(3): Impasse, strange, passage Keyword(2): Trash, Humans

-A ravine holding the remains of the rude people who were slowly and over time convinced to feud and kill one another after they offended the strangergangers. The strangergangers don’t actually harm anyone, but raise distrust, stoke feuds and get people to kill each other over trysts and murder-suicides. This town was then cleaned of the last bodies by the strangergangers so they could move in and live safely. They would have happily moved here with no problem if the town wasn’t so rude.


Afternoon 10 monster t2x L5x locale (2): passage, rough keyword (2): blockage, violence

Monster: 2 tracks, 5 uncommon, 8 vermin/ooze defensive.

-A rough riverbed with steep rocky sandstone cliffs alongside it is the quickest way through the area, and it heads in the direction the players are going.

-Repeated divots in the sand go off ahead, around a corner towards the cliff wall out of sight. These are the tracks of some sort of insect, very large in size, based on the spiky impact and repeated pattern of six legs if anyone looks. Someone knowledgeable would identify these as a monstrous scorpion tracks.

-Walking around the bend, the players will find the bleached bones of numerous rodents, lizards, and a few larger four legged beasts. If they pursue the tracks, they will find a small cave that holds a nest of monstrous scorpions. If disturbed, the scorpions will swarm out to defend their nest from the attackers, following the attackers until they leave the riverbed.

Late afternoon 11 monster T2x L3x locale(3): settled, sparse, rough keyword(4): remains, structure, violence, dead

Monster: 6 lair, 6 rare, 6 humanoid, 5 neutral

-The riverbed the players had been following opens up into a dry gravel delta at the mouth of a flowing river. Three houses sit along the riverside, with a mill upstream. The town is quiet, except for an older couple sitting on rocking chairs on their porch.

-The two are a pair of psychopaths who have settled here. If players poke around, they will find the houses empty of people but otherwise clean. Any food they take from these houses has a delayed sleep poison. The chairs, seats, and beds are all trapped to ensnare whoever uses them.

-The mill is heavily locked and its door has a pitfall set before it and its windows has snare traps set just outside of them. Inside, the psychopaths have set up their tool shed. They specialize in the creation of exotic weaponry, and are masters of their uses.

-Poking around too long will make Editha and Markus DeLaun suspicious, and they will attempt to lure the players into trapping or poisoning themselves. After that, they will attempt to trap the players, knock them out, bring them to an iron reinforced basement below their house in order to test their newest weaponry. They might be convinced to let a fellow weaponsmith go and even release their companions for a suitably juicy metalworking or weapon design idea.

-If any of the party use an exotic weapon or a weapon of exotic materials, the couple will gush over the player’s good taste, and want to talk about weapons. They will freely show off their workshop, tools, weapons, and point out their defense mechanisms against would-be idea thieves.

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