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Worldographer: Hexographer 2 Kickstarter

Hey you, DM. I want you to go to this kickstarter and pledge your support so I can get more stretch goals. What kickstarter is this? Why this is for Hexographer 2, a complete overhaul for the hex based mapping program that has supplied many a DM with their world maps.

You can give it a test with the demo here. I’ve always thought I got the original for a steal by getting it for only $15 and I am a huge fan of the work that Inkwell Ideas puts out. Interested? You’ve got just over 24 hours as of my posting this to get in on the goodies.

“This project will be funded on .”south-aewyr

A great plains adventure two campaigns ago and one of my first region maps with hexographer, but guess what, Hexographer 2 will let me make child maps as a core part of the functionality! Now I can zoom in on areas without recreating my work!


A map for a hex I did for the Tenkar’s Landing crowdsourced hexcrawl, click the image to go to the post for the map.


An unfortunately unused island archipelago campaign revolving around a shipwrecked crew of adventurers dealing with their fellow pirates to figure out who knows what about the mysterious captain they just set sail with (and crashed). If that isn’t enough, the geopolitics of these islands are ready to explode as the tribal elven raiders are making life difficult for recent colonists to the center island and a trio of greek-inspired kingdoms in the bottom right island fight over their birthright of these islands, one is knowledge focused, another on faith, and the third on physical prowess. I cannot wait until I can build out my whole world of Evylos and share many more ideas that you can steal wholesale for your games. Now that I won’t have to recreate my work everytime, I look forward to building a whole icosohedral world to make a globe.


Oh, did I mention that the Hexographer 2 will come with Icosohedral templates standard? Imagine doing something like this and casually placing it as a treasure item in a dungeon for your players…

What if the globe shows an island or continent no other map says exists?



So far the stretch goals have gotten us lots of random generation tools, built-in notetaking tools, additional hex tiles, the ability to drill down to lower levels while keeping the larger hex boundaries as an overlay, and more. They also offer a number of alternative tilesets you can purchase as add-ons, but the core functionality is what interests me.


If you haven’t used hexographer before, the interface is easy to grasp, as the “new” button lets you create a random or flat map that you edit hex by hex with whatever tiles you’d like. The original version made it hard to add good looking rivers, coastlines, roads, and borders but the second version makes it as easy as a button press. If you haven’t tried this before but are looking for a good mapping program for your virtual or table-top game, go give the free demo a try, then go purchase the original hexographer and get the upgrade on the kickstarter so you aren’t waiting on a finished kickstarter to get your mapping on. Now go be backer 1000!


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