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Four Sci-Fi Corporations

Enjoy this summary of a recent Fiverr commission while I go ahead and do adult things like buy a house. As always, I am open for helping out your game, product, or blog with commissioned writing projects. See my fiverr page for examples of how I can help you.

I was commissioned to write sales pitches for various sci-fi items for one of my regular customers, and I thought you might be able to use the four example corporations I created in your high-tech or modern games.



(Swedish for “The Hunt”)
Jakten is the explorer’s company. Built by adventurers, made for star-hunters, and designed for the most hostile environments, Jakten was once a simple camping gear company that has made it big crafting sturdy gear for explorers of all stripes. They specialize in gear and equipment including modern versions of melee and ranged weapons. Their advertising showcases the multi-purpose survivability aids their weaponry and light armor provides. Jakten’s hunting division has taken note of the hostile environments their hunters go into and have created custom arrowheads and a few melee weapon enhancements to face down the tougher beasts across the stars. Nature imagery is ever present, as is their slogan of “Life is the hunt of perfection. Jakten is the companion to get you there.” Outside of weaponry, they have a good line of high-energy foodstuffs, water filters, portable moisture farms, wearable solar panels, long-range rugged communications tech, trained animals, and adventuring gear. The only firearms in their arsenal are utilitarian fire-starters, hunting rifles, rock breakers, and flare guns.

(Japanse for “Hexagon”)
This high tech, research-led, Japanese company sells top of the line equipment and sells their old, 2nd and 3rd generation, equipment through lower tier affiliates. Fancy armors, personal defense equipment, and lucrative defense contracts for high end munitions with the government’s personal agents and for those with significant sums of money to spend on gear. The business started selling weapon enhancements, before hitting a breakthrough in personal defense equipment, and then reaching powerful status when they discovered uses for xelicium energy weapon types like alpha decay or plasma weapons. Their designs are intended to be sleek and are plated in their signature hexagonal pattern, crafted to not be out of place in a ballroom or a gunfight. A hierarchy based on research and intellect, their leaders hope to get into the personal escort vehicles/aircraft/spacecraft market with a new AI piloting system on a line of vehicles intended for one or two people for transit or escape.



Their mascot is a unofficially the asocial mason bee as a jab at Rokkaku, the unthinking, elitist drones. It adorns their favorite net-sites, graffiti, and merchandise. This group is a decentralized network of producers, designers, hackers, and hobbyists organized around their love for guns, armor, and modifications. Formed from the various machinists and gun enthusiasts pushed out of the corporate dominated world, T1NK3Rs specialize in customizability, interchangeability, and open source knowledge. T1NK3R radicals organize to keep the big corps from being the only defense manufacturers, trying to keep defensive weaponry legal and safe. Most of their sales come not from manufacturing but the sale of 3-D schematics for printing at any number of printing stations and hackerspaces. To support their operations, they create specialized prints that are good for only one weapon print. The other corps won’t deal with aftermarket enhancements or modifications that would void warranties, so T1NK3Rs are able to really shine in this field. Membership comes from the various net locations their members run and their hierarchy is a pure meritocracy based on downloads and ratings, where it is a major faux-paus to reveal one’s identity. The big corps are rumored to be hunting down the most prolific T1NK3Rs.


Beginning late 20th century as a South African arms procurement corporation, it went underground for a number of decades on the black market. After that, through shrewd bargaining and lobbying, they legitimized the business and began acquiring significant shares in most of the large weapons manufacturers using what many consider to be their proceeds from their underhanded past. Official PR notes that they merely had a run of great luck in securing lucrative deals, recruiting engineers with revolutionary tech, and leveraging their unique position at a major trade port on a quickly growing continent. This is your run of the mill manufacturer mega-corp. They do everything and anything from basic home defense to security systems to government contracts for the bread and butter defense items. The first subgroup they purchased was an American gun manufacturer and explosives supplier to governments around the globe. This purchase solidified their logistics and lobbying networks. Platmoth, a Europe-based company, that dealt in vehicles, aircraft, and security systems was their next significant acquisition. Raj was the latest novel addition, bringing ARMSCOR to the forefront of personnel armor, drones, powered armor, and post-ballistic tech, and making the wildly popular “Walking Castle” compatible with other ARMSCOR technology.


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