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2 Men and a Link

I’m moving this weekend so instead of a regular series, enjoy a smattering of links.

DawnforgedCast on Accents in your game

How to’s for a number of accents and voices you can use in your game to differentiate NPC’s from “boxed text” from unique characters.

Shapeways metal dice

If you’re looking for awesome metal dice, you can always go for the 3-d printed custom dice. Grabbed a few of the designs from Wombat here for my groomsmen, which they loved.

Links and review of gaming decks

Splain it to Me

When are rando’s on your feed being rude? An essay on how different perspectives, worldviews, and communication styles collide.

Gamemaster Apprentice

Cards with randomly distributed traits, attributes, numbers, features, and bits to cover just about everything. I haven’t gotten to use them in game yet, but I think this will help cover areas that my homebrew random generator miss. Anyone have experience using them? Where did they shine and where did they falter?



Health Status: Healthcare in the US vs Canada

While you should always beware the man of one study and that policy debates should not appear one-sided this might be an interesting paper to read that compares various health care outcomes between the two countries. Before you read, try to think of what outcomes where the US or Canada might be better. Then after you read, try to come up as many criticisms of the study as you can and what effects those limitations or choices the writers made have one the outcome.


What if the 1700’s had, instead of massive mechanical and electrical innovation, been a century of incredible biological science advancements? The crown controls most of the world, turmoil is building, horribly unethical experiments are widespread, and the protagonists are a group of enhanced children trying to survive the bureaucracy that would just as soon see their project’s resources given to a different professor.

Jas. Townsend and Son

Tons of videos on historical 18th century cooking, clothing, and more done in fully authentic ways. Not perfectly applicable to more medieval games, but it is awesome to see recreations like this. One of my favorites were the hardtack and portable soup videos. Imagine these items as your characters’ rations. Any youtube creators out there that do this for even older anachronisms?

David Friedman Calculates a Literal “Living Wage”

Now you can reasonable argue having a minimum wage higher than this value (I would disagree with the actual effects of such a policy) but it is a misleading terminology meant to evoke starving children when it means a much higher wage minimum than literal survival.

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