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Mythoard September 2016: Finding your Calling



Lesser Gnome Miniature

This little guy is a horn-blowing orc or goblin. The detailing on his clothing is excellent and mold-lines are almost non-existent, except for a small flat metal piece hanging off the front of the horn.


Sor Alenzan’s Tower

A ruined tower littered with details and trash hinting at its former owner’s descent into a demonic pact with a now forgotten demon. The half sheet comes with a random encounter chart the size of an index card that enhances the flavor of the quick dungeon. A map would have been nice to include, but a tower shouldn’t be too hard to draft up on the fly when I drop this ruin in as a random hexcrawl encounter.


Sabres & Witchery

Not really my cup of tea, Sabres & Witchery is a Swords & Sorcery spin-off built for the era of piracy, colonialism, and enlightenment, when the european world had one foot in superstitions of the past and one foot in the world of reason. I doubt I will ever play with this ruleset, but I do like the balance the game strikes between the power and explainability of the supernatural.


The Dungeoneer November/December 1979 14

This issue surprised me compared to the previous issues in past mythoards. The contents of this one had a half-dozen different cults including their personalities, goals, and adherents. Also included is a small fort with map and encounter guide plus a list of magical items at the end. The fort isn’t groundbreaking in using magical spirits to aid in its defenses and most of the items have basic magic effects like resisting an element or neutralizing acid. The magical pipe weeds are interesting though.


Rappan Athuk Cyclopean Depths Part 1: Down to Ques Querax

An adventure down into the deep, this tunnel traveling adventure would be better classified as a monster handbook, as most of its pages are dedicated to monster statblocks and new monsters in an appendix at the back. The actual adventure seems a rather dull traipse through tunnels to different tunnel intersections that starts in a simple cavern with a magical puzzle that teleports them to the first town. The pages that the various maps are on are confusing, as they are stuck between sections of text that don’t reference them (I would expect the dungeon map for the entrance cavern first, followed by its description, then the hex map and player map). The player map I is never explained and the the major and minor encounter areas are not explained as to what they mean. I can figure out that the one closest to the entrance is supposed to be the fortress of Ques Querax, I think. This adventure does not sound interesting to run, engaging to play, or easy to drop into a campaign without a good bit of legwork on the part of the DM.


Judges Guild War Cry

A handy little booklet for a self-contained wargame of ancient through medieval era armies. It came with a giant poster of the basic rules, something you would see on a little index card in most board games nowadays. Useful bits of information for running larger D&D battles are scattered throughout, such as the morale effects of various fortifications, how long it takes larger units to react to new orders, relative morale strength of different unit types, and historical unit compositions for quick copying for impromptu sieges if they show up. Not as useful as the Book of War, but a nice read nonetheless.

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