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Put Another Tool in your Belt

Remember all those times when you got stumped by a player. What about those hard ball questions that just left you hanging? What exactly is in the third wooden coffin on the left?

What do you mean you left your notes in the car?

DMTools has been updated to version 3.3.1

To use this program, download the .rar file, unzip it to wherever, then run the .jar file within the dist folder. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions for future releases.

If you like what I write and want to keep on top of new free and paid products, just like this one, join my mail list. I will send an email every week or two weeks with gaming anecdotes, puns, puzzles, or maps along with a roundup up the current week’s blog posts. If I release any new products or find a new product* I enjoy, I’ll share them with you in case you might find them useful.

*I will always call out whether I receive any compensation/affiliate rewards for sharing the product, but I will never share something that I don’t personally enjoy.


-Treasure type is now less influenced by value so higher levels aren’t purely getting magic items.

-Removed art valuemod effects and valuecategory changing the input value on art pieces. The art method now weighs a few of the descriptor rolls by value.

-Low goods have been reorganized and weighted by value to reduce the chances of staggeringly large amounts of junk.

-Removed random roll for number of armors and weapons in the highgoods treasure type in favor of just listing the value and armor/weapon type for the dm to parse. TODO: add basic values for these items to reference so an exact number can be offered per 5e.

-Coin result has now been diversified to include mixes of coins and is weighted by treasure value so that copper coins get less likely as the value increases.

-Gems now no longer use weird value category math to change the input value based on random qualities. Instead, the input value applies a weight to the quality rolls and gem type. If multiple gems are rolled, the individual gem value is now listed as well.


mmmyesss, now it will be so much easier to know just how much we carry in our creepy pockets…


-Magic item searching algorithm has been rewritten to remove the massive random variance in the search algorithm as well as its reliance on an ordered magic item list. It has been moved to its own method as well, cutting the code out of the individual methods. The new algorithm pulls items in based on value, increasing the value range by 10% on each pass until it pulls at least 2 items, then it selects from among those items. TODO update with full magic items list from ones I’ve created. TODO implement custom staff. Possibly implemented instead in the custom magic item/wondrous item pool?

-Wondrous items, arms, and armors are updated to only have 10% uniquely generated items and have their algorithms massively simplified.

-Change potions into disposable magic and combine the item lists. Retain generic and unique potions generation in this new method.

-Move staves, wands, and rings into the wondrous item generator.

-Fixed crazy treasure value variance to be more reasonable to level.

-Fixed a few bugs with potion and scroll generation

-Updated encounters to match encounter guide distribution: 40% empty, 20% monster, 20% monster with treasure, 10% special, 5% trick, and 5% treasure. Updated trapped/hazards to match encounter guide ratios: 1/6th chances on each roll with half of those being red-herrings.

-Added a custom tab for entering your own wealth increases by level, hoard size modifier, and for custom treasure values.

-Got rid of the massive variance inducing horde size generator random roller, now the value is pulled from the customization tab, with starting values based on the standard 5e values.

-Set junk to use the new custom wealth tab values

A lot more support for this kind of stuff to come!
A lot more support for this kind of stuff to come!

This is my current list of changes I would find worthwhile to change. Your suggestions are highly valuable, basically solid gold really, and are likely to influence the direction of DMTools development.

-TODO add encounter guide style hazards and getting lost risks. TODO update tricks to encounter guide style.

-TODO daily encounter generator button

-TODO separate out encounter tempvalue to a separate method

-TODO implement custom staves/wands in the wondrous item chances

-TODO shopkeeper and merchant items list

-TODO fix monster hirelings special

-TODO better special generator, trick generator, and special encounter generators

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