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Making Money Doing what you Love: Sci-Fi Implants and Enhancements

It is always a struggle trying to figure out how to make your day job more enjoyable. The long battle turning a hobby into a paying enterprise. I don’t have much advice to give, but I do have an example and one tip: do good work and you’ll get return clients. Groundbreaking wisdom, I know.

Be one of my awesome clients and commission some of my work on Fiverr (or directly so Fiverr doesn’t take a cut). I’ve got a Pay What You Want release surrounding crazy parasites, symbiotes, and exotic diseases that do more than just knock off a few constitution points. Follow my blog on your favorite rss feed, follow my G+ page, or sign up on my mailing list to stay in the loop. *I will only email once every week or two, summarizing recent blog posts, releases, and free game tidbits*

Sci-Fi Corporations


NuCleic: A fancy pharma firm that does unethical animal and medical research. Well known for their willingness to work with sketchy characters and people not quite so worried about morality. They tend to hide their research and manufacturing facilities in secret locations and friendly dictatorial countries for safety from the less open minded. Legal front business deals in plastic surgery, artistry, makeup, and life-improvement medications. By dealing with the dark side of science, they tend to have advanced technology, even if it is distasteful.


10011001 (Ten o one or Nine, depending on who you ask) A cold robotics firm interested in the technical specs but little else. Known for completely lacking any customer service or storefronts. Everything is a final purchase directly from their corporate catalogue, which is so technical it is practically its own language. Well known in the market sectors of robotics, cybernetics, programming, and AI research that can best be described as “out there”. Their corporate structure is entirely results oriented, and many a hobbyist has been hired on to the results oriented staff. Meritocracy rules supreme here and more than one CEO-scientist has been demoted when their results failed to replicate or research output has fallen. Their cold demeanor and lack of social grace gets tossed around as a slur, “Niner”, while those unfriendly to robotic and cybernetic technology extend the insult to all of their AI and robotic products as well. A frustrated customer at an automated teller might yell, “Damn niner, give me my money!”.

See my previous sci-fi corporations.

Rokkaku returns with a few lifestyle implants for the high-end market with a focus on networking with their existing devices. Armacor distributes basic military hardware upgrades. Jakten supports a few implants, like the rebreather, that are extensions of current adventure and prospecting gear. T1NK3R C3LL is the proprietor of many a back-alley install of implants, but they do not originate any implants. Implants are too high tech for their members to reverse engineer, and even if they could, most tinkers are inherently suspicious of implant technology.

Cybernetics Compartment Slots

“Armacor is pleased to announce its latest acquisition in combat cybernetic implants. Increase your soldier’s skill, endurance, and abilities with a simple, one-time cybernetics implant. Talk to your regional Armacor rep to receive a quote for any of Armacor’s many implantable technologies. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR. Armacor is not responsible for overloads related to end users implanting too many devices.

Active Body Implant

“Let Armacor turn a job for ten men into a single man’s job. Why involve combat engineers and forklifts when you can install an active body implant to improve a soldier’s strength or mobility. Let our power implants replace your soldier’s muscle fibers, massively increasing their strength and utility on the field. With a reflex implant, your soldiers’ nervous system will be replaced with special conductors, letting them respond instantly to changing battlefield conditions and navigate complex urban landscapes with cat-like reflexes. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR.”

Skill Augmentations

“Skill Augmentation Implants. Extended platform, v8.02 OS. 8.2GHz processing power synaptic interlink with parallel configuration capabilities. Multi-skill authorizations and interchangeable cartridges. Easy self-install port with magneto-locked skull plate cover. Select a passive implant or active mental implant. -1001-”

Athletics Implants

“When necessity calls, turn your soldiers and militia into hardened athletes, able to bound over obstacles and climb as experience mountain explorers. With a one-time purchase and an easy skull installation combined with electro-muscle therapy, all contained in a field installable package, this implant will impart the necessary knowledge and muscle memory of selected top performers. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR.”

Piloting Implants

“Piloting Skill Implant. Chemical-mechanical adjustment to primary control synapses. Reaction time improvement. Manual dexterity increase to full 180 degree range of motion. Grade AA piloting skill suite included in purchase. Upgrades available for improved piloting memories and knowledge. Overclocked visual processing, keyed for electronic controls, screens, and high-velocity visual processing. -1001-”

Combat Implants

“Combat Skill Upgrade. Trigger finger reaction time increased tenfold. Aim steadying adrenal gland modification. Weapon group proficiency and simulated memories implanted. Each combat implant comes with combat simulation dream environment for skill maintenance during non-combat time periods. -1001-”

Synaptic Matrix

“Synaptic Matrix. Static or dynamic skill chip ports. Additional skill proficiencies available for download. Static version requires skill to be wiped before new installation. Dynamic version has an access port for quick-swap of skill chips. Direct connect technology ensures that any properly formatted skill chip will automatically mesh with synaptic matrix drivers. Extruded metal weave dissipates waste heat directly into user’s blood, requiring no external heat sink. Neuro-synapse connection port made of solid gold fibers for instant data connection to the brain for perfect skill translation. -1001-

Neuron Transmitter Chip

“Rokkaku’s luxury lifestyle team is proud to announce its new Neuron Transmitter Chip. Why expend your limited time learning and mastering a skill, when you can purchase and install a chip to learn the skill in an instant? Take up a new musical instrument, based on our brain scans of talented skill-models. Learn martial arts, scholarly disciplines, or any of a growing library of skills available for purchase. Stop in at your local Rokkaku outlet to get a preliminary brain scan for a quote on your next chip.

Optical Implants

“Visual engineers in Rokkaku’s life-sciences department have built, to accompany our luxury line of lifestyle enhancers, new optical implants that fully replace the user’s eyes to expand their awareness and appreciation of their surroundings. This hardworking team has fully integrated with optical nerves to protect the user’s eyesight in the case of sudden or extreme lights, strong winds, or adverse chemicals, ensuring that users can always fully appreciate the visual nature of their surroundings. Rokkaku also offers a line of upgrades to these implants that utilize scotopic vision for low light, infrared sensors to expand the color spectrum of the visual cortex, telescopic irises to maintain perfect vision at long distances, and overpopulated light detectors to allow for microscopic vision. These implants are the perfect gift for the artist seeking to expand their craft to the full light spectrum, individuals that want to appreciate grand architecture from a distance, or zoom in to fully embrace the subtle textures and designs with microscopic vision.

Ear Implants

“Armacor has moved their technology with the changing landscape of the battlefield. With the advent of non-lethal sound weaponry and combat distraction tools, Armacor had previously deployed special sound-blocking accessories, but now the world of implantable technology allows the full replacement of soldier’s eardrums to negate any and all sound damage. Invest in protection that yields results when your troops can fight through even one flashbang. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR.”

“Free yourself from the burdens and limitations of the accident of birth. NuCleic has studied the mechanics of various natural and engineered species to devise the most powerful implants, biologically designed to mesh permanently with the user’s flesh, to overcome the normal limitations of ear drums. High Frequency Attenuated Ear Drums allow the user to expand the upper range of their hearing limits for high frequency sounds like speech. This is the perfect implant for social butterflies who want to keep up with a whole party of speech even in adverse conditions, where the interior mechanisms of this implant help filter sounds to focus on the sounds the user desires to hear clearly. On the other end, for engineers and designers is the Low Frequency Detector Implant which notifies and focuses the user’s hearing on slower sounds typical in machinery, equipment, and movement so the user can keep aware of their surroundings, down to the smallest movement of a paint brush. Move Beyond with NuCleic.”


“Humanity has long feared the dark, spinning tales of vampires and monsters. Today, Jakten offers you the ability to take back the night by copying some of the very beasts the contributed to our fear of it. Our scientists and engineers have turned the echolocation abilities of surveying equipment into real-time ear implants that grant the ability to hear spaces. This technology is not as refined as our animal friends, but will allow users a basic sense of seeing in the dark. Stay tuned for future updates and models that improve upon this technology.”

Finger Implants

“Following in the footsteps of our limbless, insectoid distant cousins, the earthworm line of finger implants by Jakten allows our clients to feel the earth move around them. Fine sensors, repurposed from our mining sensor equipment, implanted under the skin and interfaced with the client’s nerves, allows the user to sense movements through solid surfaces they touch.”

“Fingertips are a wasted space perfectly suited to holding and dispensing on demand chemicals and drugs for the aspiring scientist or discrete medical professional. Our needles are tuned and ready for multiple different possible triggers which force them to safely extend and then release their cargo upon pressure. The patented silicon infused flesh-graft ensures that the user is at no risk of accidental self-dosing during deployment. Reach Forward. NuCleic.”

“Our prestigious research has discovered a retroviral agent capable of converting palm and finger pads, or the soles of feet, to produce the same gripping structure of its namesake lizard. This allows a field researcher access to vertically limited opportunities, ensuring a safe and stable grip even in adverse conditions. Step Above. NuCleic”

“Always keep a chem-lab on hand, literally. Our breakthrough follicle replacements have the ability to perform basic pH, reactivity, toxicity, and biological agent detection testing. Paired with a suitable display, loaded with our proprietary software that includes lifetime unlimited downloads with purchase, these follicles will display the results near instantaneously. Stay tuned for future releases as our scientists miniaturize sensors that can do more intensive tests for molecular composition, pathogen genomic sequencing, and for future versions that wire the knowledge directly to the user’s brain. Look Forward. NuCleic”


“Advances in filtration technology has progressed where we can now provide investigators and researchers with nasal passage based filtration. Through a process that replaces nasal lining and follicles with bio-synthetic bacterial symbiotes that scrub the air breathed in and out clean of microbes, chemical agents, and fine particulate. Build another line of redundant personal protection with your own personal filters. For field researchers and investigators, we also offer Bloodhound derived sensors embedded in the filter. These are tied to nasal nerve endings along with a brain enhancement to handle the new senses. This grants the sensory abilities of the namesake dog. Breathe Free. NuCleic”



“Widen your palette with a new implant line by Rokkaku’s sensory division, allowing you to taste like a supertaster and beyond. We have assigned a taste to almost every compound and biological component and our mobile application allows users to log these taste experiences. Just the right tool for culinary connoisseurs to fully expand their palate and ensure that this sense never leaves them.”

“Never rely on a fancy gadget or someone else to protect you when your life is on the line. Copy the defenses that have protected so many animals with a specially designed replacement tooth. The procedure copies the user’s teeth to create a fake replacement with a special coral snake venom gland above. Under the pressure of a bite, the tooth releases the venom through a concealed syringe. Part of the gland circulates an antitoxin through the user’s veins to negate any accidental self-bites or ingested venom. Fight Through. NuCleic”

“Aquatic animals have mastered this technology since time immemorial. Jakten brings a breakthrough implant that combines existing features of compressed air breathers and oxygen extracting technology in a slim package requiring minimal power usage. This implant allows the user to breathe in oxygenated water sufficient to support aquatic life. Additionally, the highly compressed system is able to build up a few minutes of oxygen in storage and maintain a surface-air-like distribution of carbon-dioxide, nitrogen, and trace elements. “

“A spare hand in the laboratory cannot have its usefulness underestimated. Turn your tongue into a prehensile assistant with our specialized cybernetic musculature and control processor, because no assistant knows your research like you do. Its folding structure ensures that it takes up no more space than you existing tongue, all while being able to manipulate, with fine motor control, up to forty-five pounds (20 kg). Reach Out. NuCleic”


Weaponry Augmentations


“Let Armacor engineers and surgeons ensure that you are never unarmed. Embed an Armacor weapon within your body, custom modified for ease of removal, cleaning, maintenance, and resupply. Ranged weaponry may have targeting system upgrade available for purchase, see weapon manufacturer. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR. Armacor is not liable for injuries or accidents resulting from the installation of non-affiliated weaponry. The user assumes all legal responsibility for carrying the weapon.

“Subtle silicon based skin coverings to disguise implanted small weaponry. Weapon designed for instant deployment. Impervious attachment resistant to disarmament. Subtle, programmable deployment trigger: physical motions, voiced passcode, or mental trigger. Plans available for most limbs with most commercially available weapons of a small size. Medical grade compartment resistant to infection. Easily cleaned and maintained components. Upgrade available for self-aiming ranged weaponry. -1001-”


“Reinforce your foundation and ensure maximum survivability even in the harshest conditions and accidents. An excellent investment for engineers and researchers working with heavy machinery or massive beasts. Undergoing this extensive procedure to reinforce the entire skeletal system and connective tissues with metal alloys will massively increase the strength and durability of the user’s entire system. Outlast All. NuCleic”

Skeletal Implant

“Armacor has recreated a number of basic armor packages for important targets or discrete bodyguards that are embedded in the client’s skin to provide constant protection. The design of the armor can mimic light armor with the appearance and comfort of normal skin while medium armor designs can pass for skin at a distance but will maintain a firmer appearance up close that is hard to disguise. Superior logistics. Sustained firepower. Supporting victory: ARMACOR. Armacor is not responsible for increased risk of skin stretching or deformation.

“Recent advances in genetic splicing research has led to a personal protection breakthrough. NuCleic clients can treat some or all of their skin, causing it to grow thick, interlocking scales on top of their skin. The resulting growths are as protective as light armor, with the added bonus of heat insulation and chemical burn protection of standard lab gloves. For high-end clientele, premium versions of this splicing can be modified and tested to produce unique or customized color patterns or scale shapes. Brush Aside. NuCleic”


“Rokkaku’s defense screen team is overjoyed to be able to release a new advance in personal defense technology. The Rokkaku personal defense screen can now be embedded within or below a layer of the user’s skin while providing the same defense benefits. As a more discrete defense, we look forward to this new device seeing wider deployment and more standard practice, as a client can now get a single implant done and never have to worry about leaving their screen at home. Defense screens are installed with an easy to access and clean port. Above skin models come in a wide array of colors, including a flesh tone mimicking the user’s skin tone.”


“By studying the radioactive decay and absorptive properties of mother nature, we have updated our dosimeter and radioactivity protection line, a favorite of miners, to include an active reduction technology. With a quick installation of our Isotope Isolator in the client’s liver and kidneys, our natural compounds work to capture radiating material from within the body, turn it inert, and eject it as waste. Explore, prospect, and wander without constant worry over isotopes and Geiger counters. Although, here at Jakten, we support safety and recommend carrying one anyway.”



“Full neural network surge-protection. Miniaturized, automatic magnetic hold circuit breakers protect against all outside synaptic influence. Isolating controls preclude full system attacks. Immunity to standard shock and stun weaponry. Painless installation disables nerve clusters as each disconnected and upgraded in turn. -1001-”

“Nanoscopic radiators spread heat efficiently. Subcutaneous fat is infused with thermal compound to mitigate heat damage. Massively reduce harm taken from laser or fire weaponry. Handle hot equipment directly without harm. Research concludes that future compounds will be developed to control heat expression as rudimentary self-defense mechanism. -1001-”


“It is our strong opinion that what can be made redundant and fail-resistant should be. It is with that in mind, that our medical research group has perfected a commercial technique for installing titanium mesh around life support systems for major organs. By doing this, we ensure that you can stay standing, conscious, even in the worst accidents for those crucial moments that can make or break a study. Anything less than anti-vehicle munitions will have trouble damaging the protected organs, as metal armor and miniature life-support systems protect and kick start damaged ones. Overcome Mortality. NuCleic”

“6.81 million nanites per pound. Accelerate at 21 m/s2 to the site of host damage. Sleek, camouflaged deployment sites. Replaceable cartridges. Restores up to 1 ounce of flesh each minute. Sacrificial design ensures protection from illicit theft or unintended discharge. Seamless, scar less healing. Future models intended to gather surrounding materials for repair, bypassing sacrificial limitations. Designs built for biological, inorganic, or distributed mix. -1001-”



Other Augmentations

“Maintain full control over your dispersed chemical agents by implanting the control gland. Artificial gland can store up to 1 liter of 10atm pressurized gas, including corrosive chemicals with no adverse harm to the client. Radiological or living microbes are not recommended and may result in adverse results. Keyed to a freshly installed muscle, the client can exude the gas in a cloud in front of them. Most clients have the gland installed in the forearms, chest, or mouth. A specially designed artificial flesh patch covers a hatch for refilling the gland. NuCleic sells an inky black smokescreen, a pepper-based deterrent, a smell-based deterrent, and a hallucinogenic tranquilizer. Expand Possibilities. NuCleic”

Movement Implants

“The power of the deep earth and the resilience of the spider are employed in our latest designs. Shock absorbing alloys built into kangaroo style ligaments become a fall impervious shin implant. Pairing this technology with gyroscopic balancers from our glider line ensures that the installer always lands on their feet. Never fear a fall again. Jakten always advises maintaining up to date fall protection equipment and carrying no more than your weight.”


“Glucose engines firing heat redirected, 300N of force, directed with full rotation articulation. Direct fuel line from blood sugar. Full bandwidth synapse connection linked to implanted parallel mental processor for full flight control with minimal conscious direction. Full autonomous mode for backup thruster control, even when unconscious. Recommend high blood sugar and regular blood sugar testing, including high energy 1001 bars for refueling. -1001-”

“A splash of bat wing, a dose of flying fish, and a bit of marsupial are combined together to create a pair of biological glider wings for implant in the end user. Perfect for a controlled descent when studying flying specimen and weather formations. Special muscle fibers and cartilage tie the wings to the implanter, ensuring the wings can support their full weight twice over. The membranes heal quickly and can be retracted into a small hump on the user’s back, easily hidden by clothes. Soar Above. NuCleic”


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