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DMTools v3.4.1 Now with Daily Encounter Generator

Some furious hacking, double keyboard style, has produced a digital version of this masterful daily encounter generator.

DMTools v3.4.1 screenshot
This daily encounter generator
From this dice and paper encounter generator











To grab the updated version, download this zip file and then unzip it so you can grab the DMTools executable jar. Double click that guy and give it a whirl!


Future updates planned for the daily encounter generators (both the dice&paper version as well as the digital version):

-Generic list of special encounters with customizeable tab for entering your own.

-More specific list of monster types and integration of player level into encounter difficulty.

-Add a toggle-able option for specific treasure generation vs the current generic treasure.

-Better text display format

-Your requested improvements!


Your comments, criticisms, and shares are always appreciated here at anarchydice, and are worth their weight in gold (how much do 1’s and 0’s weigh anywho?). Either way, get your foot in the door and help decide the future of this program. Email me at the [admin] at [site name].com or leave a comment here to claim your rightful place.


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