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Save Vs. Disease

I’ve got a a new product release, featuring dangerous and useful diseases, parasites, and symbiotes. These diseases are inspired by real world parasites and sicknesses, along with many new magical diseases. Grab one of the magic items dealing with trade-offs, sickness, theft, and curses. Save Vs. Disease Inside Cover

Use the affiliate link above to put a little more gold in my pocket, or use this this generic affiliate link when you purchase from dmsguild to support this blog. Check out my previous releases, including paid and pay what you want entries:

Bound A guide to binding a using souls, including new spells, feats, backgrounds, and magic items for 5e. $7.

Modern Mayhem New magic items with great power and high risk drawbacks. PWYW.

Charged! Magic items based around charges, absorption, and discharging of spell energies. PWYW.

Fantasy Foundry Weapon and armor materials to upgrade your arsenal. PWYW.

Insectoid Armory Weapons, armor, and wondrous items fitting for insects, poison, and creepy crawlies. PWYW.

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