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Even More Hexcrawl Encounters

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334566 {Afternoon} 19 [Trick] L2x T6 6 Red Herring 2 [Locale]: Lush, Sparse 2[Keyword]: Humans, Life

[Trick] Disrupt, Minor Harm, Knowledge

The players come through a small copse of trees to see a neatly arranged orchard of fruit trees, exotic fruit not native to the area but recognizable, perfectly ripe for picking. If any fruit is picked, the orchard’s magical aura releases a forgetting spell such that the players that fail the difficult wisdom save are seemingly teleported. In truth the spell gives a suggestion to leave the orchard and travel a hex in a random direction while erasing any memories of the trip.

Bugs avoid the fruit, although they swarm around. There is a small shack with tools and gloves inside the unlocked 4 foot square hut. Only those picking the fruit with the gloves, oddly built for four fingered hands, are immune to the spellcraft of the orchard. The fruit is delicious and there is more than enough for dozens of bushels of the filling fruit, although the players would have trouble selling the tropical fruit at a decent price before spoilage.

{Late Evening} 16 [Monster & Treasure] L4x T1x 6 [Locale]: Impasse, Rugged, Settled, Lush 1[Keyword]: Trash

[Monster]: Lair, Magical Beast, Neutral, Rare

[Treasure] Junk

A small hut is nestled into an overly dense grouping of trees. When it is approached, a humanoid figure leans out the doorway with a neutral, wary greeting in heavily accented common. This creature is the offspring of a sphinx and centaur, a cat-like human torso above her powerful lion body. If the party approaches with gifts and friendliness, she will make pleasant conversation as well as she can before offering exotic fruit and wishing the players on their way. She speaks common poorly and would prefer to speak Elven or Sylvan. For those who speak that language, maybe recognizing it from her Elven books, she will also explain the trick of her orchard. In a fight, she is a fairly accomplished sorcerer even without including her vicious lion claws and powerful build wielding a magical lance.

233666 {Late Morning} [Empty] L1x T1x 3 [Locale]: Wet, Strange 5 [Keyword]: Life, Violence, Dead

Trudging through a lowland area, the players come upon a swampy grass area recently torn up. Mud and broken vegetation is heavily trampled with hoofmarks and footsteps. Dead bodies are pulled up and if investigated, are barren of armor and equipment, although their padding and bearings would indicate soldiers. There are no horse corpses, but there are a few horse limbs and bloodstains (if the players have some ability to investigate).

{Late Evening} -PLOT- [Monster] L4x T1x 1 [Locale]: Settled 2 [Keyword]: Structure, Remains

[Monster]: Tracks, Common, Undead, Defensive

Undead soldiers matching the same bearing and standards as some of the corpses found earlier are shambling around a broken tower. The stone encampment is barely a circular wall four feet high with a few abandoned tents inside. No necromancer is around to command them, but the undead are freshly equipped and armored in ill-fitting equipment. They will attack en masse if they detect the living, although they face inwards and have already poor perception. -DM can use these undead as the prelude to a necromantic threat, a tie-in to an existing necromancer nemesis, or a clue as to the existence of a villain or anti-hero.

122355 {Late Morning} [Empty] L1x T6 1 Hazard 5 [Locale]: Impasse, Passage, Out of Place 4 [Keyword]: Human, Resource, Remains

[Hazard] Heat, Player Killing

Stony outcroppings and deep ravines swallow the path ahead. Down below, the valleys are lined with white sand and dotted with fish skeletons and the occasional boat.  The players must either head down through the sandy valleys or go around this hex.
As they begin to walk through the sands, the sun blazes overhead and the heat beats down. After a few minutes, the players must make an easy constitution check against exhaustion. They can choose to turn back or continue through. The valley will require three more checks, unknown to the players, with each consecutive check a little harder. Turning around means walking back and incurring more exhaustion checks.

{Early Evening} [Monster] L3x T5x 5 [Locale]: Wet, Impasse, Settled 6 [Keyword]: Violence, Life, Remains, Dead

[Monster] Lair, Common, Magical, Defensive

Lowlands have turned grassy and now wet since their departure from the sand valleys. Coming around a bend, the players see a number of townsfolk limping away from one of a number of bogs. Monsters have taken up residence in the cranberry bog and many people have been wounded trying to flush them out. Red Otyughs have made a nest in the deepest part of the cranberry bog, using the berries and vines for c

A small hamlet is nearby that will give thanks for any help rendered, although they will be slightly bitter that the heroes took so long to get here, aren’t heroes supposed to get there before people get hurt? They can offer dried berries and cranberry sauce in thanks, along with a place to rest if the party wants to stick around.

111136 {Early Morning} –x2PLOT– [Monster & Treasure] L5x T6 3 Trap 3 [Locale]: Passage, Out of Place 4 [Keyword]: Structure, Animals, Humans

[Trap] Minor Harm, Poison, Disrupt

[Monster] Remains, Common, Magical, Neutral

[Treasure] Junk

The land to the right turns swampy and full of trees, well out of place for the normal climate. The vegetation is as lush as it is colorful and garish. A small gap in the trees reveals a stepping stone path peeking out above the algae covered water. Following the stepping stones leads further into the swamp, a maze of thick trees and plants. Just out of reach from the stones are numerous dry clearings with distractions spread along the path: a well armored corpse, a half submerged cart laden with iron chests, a beautiful but wounded unconscious woman, and a large open book face down on the ground. If anyone should touch the murky water, they trigger the trap of the swamp, releasing poisonous gas throughout the swamp that deals constant poison damage. Trickster faeries will keep on the party and anyone attempting to go for the illusory temptations will be set upon by the faeries with magic intended to knock them off the stones or delay them: plant growth, gust of wind, thunderwave, ray of frost. The faeries will harass the party until they leave the swamp, make it to the end of the path, or lose half of their hit points.

{Early Morning} [Special] L6 3 Lost T5x 6 [Locale]: Passage, Rough, Rugged, Impasse 6 [Keyword]: Trash, Animals, Violence, Blockage

At the end of the stepping stone pathway is a half-sunken mansion, resplendent in garish decorations and flowers. Inside, loud music and people can be heard. Pushing through the stuck double oaken doors leads into a large banquet hall currently hosting an extravagant party. Stepping beyond into any of the side rooms reveals the limits of the fairy magic, the other rooms are run down and half rotten. There is no treasure to be found and exploring rooms only risks falling through rotten floorboards, disturbing large vermin, and catching diseases from the piles of detritus.

In the main hall, the host of the party pays the players no mind unless they take the initiative to introduce themselves to the black and white masked fairy matriarch. The other guests are fairies vying for the attentions and favor of the queen, and will be rudely dismissive of the players. If the players can impress the matriarch with tales of their deeds, shows of magical prowess, or display trophies of slain beasts they will earn her mercurial favor. Should they get her attention and fail to do so, they will earn her enmity. In either case, her extravagant show of bestowing graces, besides providing an opportunity to extensively grope the adventurers, will not provide any apparent benefit. Her graces or revenges will take place at a thematically appropriate time, perhaps in the form of impossible coincidence or unmistakably unusual luck.

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