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Ten Signs you’re just imagining a trap ahead

-The sounds of gears creaking and turning inside the walls sets your teeth on edge. A trap has been sprung, and spears will jab out from the walls at any moment. Perhaps it is just a ritual mechanism in the room on the other side.

-Blood stains mar the floor in a splattered pattern. Stay sharp to dodge the saw-blades that spin out from the floor. Maybe someone got their throat slashed here in battle.

-A single rotten corpse is sprawled out in the room ahead. Hidden vents will spew out poison gas once you step inside. Maybe the poor fool ate some rotten meat and died here.

-Grout lines leave a small gap just inside the door frame. Watch out for a guillotine to swing down from above. Maybe the foreman was skimming construction funds and hid a cheap seam behind a doorway rather than finish it properly.

-Dozens of sparkling gems are inset into a mural in the hallway to the right. A walk down that corridor will be greeted with gouts of magical flame. Maybe the designer was just showing off their opulence by putting rubies in a dragon mural.

-Stone dust sprinkles down from the plaster ceiling above. Clear out quickly or be entombed when the roof caves in. Maybe the finish is just loose and coming apart now that you have disturbed the room.

-A thin trickle of water runs down into a drain in the floor from a large, grated pipe in the wall. Do not let the doors shut or the room will start filling with water and you will drown.

-The tilework in the floor just inside the doorway has tiny, parallel cracks running along a large square. Stepping here will lead to a quick trip down dozens of feet, probably into pointy spikes. Maybe there was a mural here previously and the replacement tile isn’t as thick as the mural tiles were, so the square sunk and cracked a bit.

-Ground shakingly heavy objects are moving just behind the double door you walked up a slight incline to press your hands to. Get ready to run as a huge cylinder of rock and steel barrels out of the doors. Maybe you just found a massive elevator that can take you down below.

-The whole of this large cave has a metallic, vinegar smell pervading it. Keep clear of any faults or holes in the rock, lest acid spray melt a limb or two. Maybe the cave is made of highly acidic minerals and is above steam vents that regularly coat the rocks.

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