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Undeserved, Unconquered, and Unknown

Yesterday was a great day, the day when a new D&D campaign entered my life. Moving to the other side of the continent, here are the adventure prompts I presented my players with so they could choose a starting location:

-Coastal Urban Sprawl right at the center of political and economic strife, where adventurers are often the go to dealers in dirt, espionage, justice, and investigation. Your travels could put you just as easily in the high guild-halls negotiating finder’s fees for rare artifacts as skulking about the under sewers trying to find a way into a corrupt demagogue’s vault to stop their power grab. You are all new to the city, answering a call for hired help, but the employment opportunity that brought you here has dried up, literally: your employer was merfolk who you discovered dead on his office floor when you opened the door… 

-Remote country side towns connected recently by elemental rail-cars. Recent prospectors have been returning with tales of war-relics, ancient tombs, and unique monsters to hunt have been coming in from further into the outlands, long thought completely deadly due to the residue of an old magical war. Will you find major riches and found a great exploration company or will you take up the mantle of the war machines left behind carve out your own kingdom? Are there civilized creatures out there ripe for trade? 

-A mysterious allied kingdom has opened its mountain pass and lowered its magical defenses to allow outsiders in for the first time. What adventures await in the towns, hills, and cities of this isolated land? Does their unusual martial and magical skills present a challenge or an educational opportunity? Why open the borders now? 

Giving your players multiple options as to their starting location and scenario in a hexcrawl isn’t always feasible, but I feel that it gives your players an immediate buy-in to the setting because they got to choose what is most interesting to them. I’ll tell you a secret…

In my campaign, all three are happening at the same time! While that may have started as a way to give my players the choice to change campaign direction mid-stream (and let players with different preferences get something they are interested in) I found that the three work well together. With the Wasteland becoming safe to prospect again and a mysterious kingdom opening their gates have given malcontents in the capital city as well as political rivals some new avenues to make a play for power. With this triple threat, the players are headed out to the wasteland but will find that political machinations and some mysterious messages coming from the isolated kingdom will keep their attention divided, their interest piqued, and get them involved in this tumultuous time.


In my next post, I’ll introduce the characters, describe their initial adventures, and lay out a railroad heist encounter that you can modify for use in your game. If you want to stay up to date with new gaming material, adventure logs, and program updates, consider following on Google+, your preferred RSS feed, or joining my email list.


You can blame this little guy, Gryffindor, for why this post is late. New puppies sure need a lot of attention…

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