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Simple is Powerful

Simply put, thank you. All of you who have read and enjoyed my blog, left comments, downloaded my ramblings from dmsguild, and used my dm program. It continues to astonish me every day that people find my writings useful and entertaining.


When you wake up from your turkey induced nap and start cracking open the tuperwares of T-day leftovers, here are 13 powerful artifacts that derive their power from how simple they are. Not every magic item needs to have an endless list of powers and abilities to be powerful, sometimes all that is required is magic that allows a simple exemption to a rule of reality, waiting to be abused.


Abstract Weapon

Takes the form of the last weapon that its holder thinks of.

Chalices of Doubling

If a chalice is empty and a liquid poured in its twin, it also fills with that liquid. Each of the two white marble goblets are the size of large bird baths and weigh one hundred pounds.

Lens of the Inevitable

Spells cast through this lens made of a single sheet of crystal last as long as the caster can maintain concentration by peering through the lens. Instantaneous effects are repeated each round at the completion of the caster’s concentration action.

Archangel Feather

A huge-size, shining platinum, +5 longsword (2d8 one handed, 2d10 two handed) that is unstopped by barriers. Its stabs affect every object in a 15ft. line with the full damage of the blade. A slash deals its damage across a 10ft. x 20ft. plane and a blow with the pommel deals its damage across a 15ft. foot cone.


Freezes in time whatever is encircled by this ten foot, bronze, silk scarf.

Skeleton Key

Touching this wrought iron key to any object opens and unlocks anything that opens, including figuratively. Twisting the end of the key against any object that can close, closes and locks the object against all incursions short of destroying the object or a Wish spell combined with a DC30 sleight of hand check.

Shroud of Life

While wearing this knit shawl made of white goose down removes any reference to death or hit points from the wearer. They cannot die.

Ghostly Gauntlet

This invisible gauntlet renders itself and whatever it is touching invisible and ethereal. Revealed by magical sight, the gauntlet appears as a dull, tin plate glove.

True Crown

The wearer succeeds on all charisma check. Targets are aware of the powers of the crown once it is used on them.

Lotus of the Void

Wherever this bulb is planted, whether earth, gravel, or sand, will negate all magic within 1 mile. The lotus then takes on the appearance of a piece of local vegetation or fungus common to the area.

Filling Pin

Attaching this infinity sign forged from gold by pinning it to any object, that object or container will never run out. Whether a quiver, a waterskin, or something more creative, the Filling Pin keeps it everfull.

Crystal of Foresight

Once each day a prediction made into the sphere of swirling green glass will come true.

Staff of Provenance

The holder can command the staff to do anything that would be possible by sheer coincidence.


Remember the next time you want to create a villains superweapon that it need not be overly complex, simplicity can work just as well at breaking the world an all you hold dear. Simplicity can be just as deadly to an overconfident archvillain as well…


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