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IMPROVisr 3.4.2: Now with Epithet Marshmellows, Street Clusters, and Place Bursts

Well that roll worked out nicely, or creepily depending on your reading of it…

V3.4.2 Change-log:

+Change magic and nonmagic item pull down menu and button location so it is more intuitive that they are together

+Change “Other” button and pull down menu so it is more intuitive that they are together

+Add a note for the fact that I use sp standard.

+Completed NPC button that creates a First (25% chance of Middle) Last, (10% chance of Epithet) Race Profession, Descriptor, Aim and Weakness.  One button to do it all that pulls from the selected name categories. See below for full list of added items, if you’ve got any on the top of your meat noggin’, I’ll happily add them in for the next update.

+Updated and slightly expanded the Problem button, which is now also used in the NPC generator to generate their Aim.

+Added Epithets, Places, and Street Names. These all intertwine with what categories they pull from, but see the categories below: locations, location suffixes, epithets, titles, prepositions, colors, adjectives, directions, animals, and mythological creatures. Suggest more if you want to see ‘em.

+Next Up: Get the shops working with randomized names and naming styles (Hammer & Tongs, Burt’s Barrels, etc.), types of shop, example wares/items on sale, street name, general description, and NPC owner/operator/clerk

+Add dropdown “other” functionality to pull out the various things added in the background of this update: titles, professions, descriptions, weaknesses, body, epithet, preposition, streettype, direction, adjective, color, animal, mythological, location, and location suffix. Possibly a nuts’n’bolts tab with a how-to menu.


[Body]: neck, face, forearms, palms, wrists, thighs, pelvis, feet, calves, shins, belly, butt, back, head, fingers, toes, chest, shoulders.

“A scar across one eye that they brandish proudly.”,”Burn marks on their BODY they hide with their clothing.”,”A magical,  religious tattoo moves around their BODY.”,”A bulging, heavy coin purse jingles, hanging from their waist. ”,”An avant-garde clothing design featuring high contrast colors.”,”Rippling muscles that stretch their tight-fitting tunic.”,”Almost no body fat or muscle, practically skin-and-bone.”,”Green splotches staining their hands and feet that they do not seem to notice.”,”A red splotching birthmark covering half of their BODY.”,”Dark circles under their bloodshot eyes.”,”A pale complexion and skin that feels cold and clammy to the touch.”,”A slight paunch despite an otherwise stunning physique.”,”A missing foot replaced with a carved wooden prosthetic.”,”A loyal pet dog that rarely strays out of their reach.”,”A constantly gurgling or bubbling stomach.”,”Exotic piercings in their BODY.”,”Fresh wounds on their BODY that they tell exaggerated war stories about.”,”Extremely rigid posture.”,”An almost hunched-back posture and is very defensive about it, asserting it to be the superior posture.”,”A constant, low-level of pain in their BODY and this makes them irritable.”,”A series of moles and boils on their BODY.”,”A bird squawking loudly from their shoulder that they give the occasional cracker or kiss.”,”A pig snout for a nose and the ability to eat just about anything.”,”A set of dog or cat ears that makes them sensitive to certain noises.”,”Two eyes with different colors.”,”A devastatingly attractive pout whenever they do not get their way.”,”A high pitched squeal of a laugh that carries on far too long.”,”A gravelly voice so low it can be felt on one’s skin within a few feet.”,”A line of drool and snot dripping out of their face constantly.”,”A set of clothes caked in thick mud and clay with fingernails and pores clogged with mud.”,”Gangly limbs and knobby joints that sofly pop when they move.”,”Small clouds of insects buzzing around their BODY.”,”Dried blood covering their BODY.”,”Constant complaints about people of another profession.”,”A slight stutter that gets worse when nervous.”,”Long flowing hair down to their thighs.”,”A noxious body odor.”,”An intoxicatingly pleasant aroma.”,”Their BODY replaced with the sewn on parts of an obviously different person.”,”A squeaky, mousey voice.”,”Unusually childish mannerisms and voice.”,”An overly loud and aggressive speaking style, inappropriately so.”,”Gaudy jewelry adorning their BODY that they discretely display to show off.”,”Amazingly intricate tattoos of numbers on their BODY.”,”A large dead tooth sits in the front of their smile.”,”Constant streams of sweat pouring down their brow.”,”Exuberant hand gestures and wild gesticulation.”,”Immaculately clean fingernails kept razor sharp, painted, and threateningly displayed.”,”Filed down teeth in the shape of fangs.”,”Small, beady eyes that go cross while talking.”,”Split lips and numerous bruises on their face along with a sardonic grin.”,”Garish makeup slathered over their face.”,”Big pouty lips and puppydog eyes.”,”Long bangs covering one eye and a small mouth.”,”Their bare BODY just barely made decent.”,”A habit of chewing their nails.”,”Dried stains of tears on their cheeks.”,”Shaved eyebrows and is bald.”,”A thick monocle and well coiffed hair.”,”A massive, intertwined braid running down to the small of their back.”,”Elaborate head-wrappings and a single nose piercing.”,”A glass eye that they cover with a lacey eye-patch.”,”Terminally bad breath and a scaley tongue.”,”A large hook nose and a nasally voice.”,”Deep underbite and a furrowed brow.”,”Gaunt cheeks and a pale complexion.”,”Dimpled chin, square jaw, and a healthy tan.”,”Chapped lips and bugged out eyes.”,”Cataracts in one eye on the side of their face that looks much older.”,”No teeth and a set of wooden dentures.”,”A scar filled gash where a nose should be.”,”Thick, wrinkly, and sagging forehead skin.”,”Liverspots, crows feet, and smile lines.”,”Green leaves and grasses tangled in their hair.”,”Dried mud cracking and peeling off their skin.”,”A black ring of ink around one eye and a constant smirk.”,”Snot dripping from their small nose and drool trailing from their lips.”,”Acne covering their face, neck, and back.”,”Thick, white nose hair.”,”Massive eyebrows that seem to move on their own.”,”Extremely long, slender fingers and a habit of touching faces while talking.”,”Big, brown doe eyes and a twitchy nose.”,”Hole in their cheek that whistles when they talk.”,”A wide tooth gap and a lisp.”,”Only one ear.”,”Knobby joints and knuckles. They cannot close their hands fully.”,”Chubby cheeks and fish lips.”,”An almost constant blush.”,”No pupils or irises, their eyes are one solid color.”,”Protruding nose and mouth, almost like a proto-muzzle.”,”Giant ears.”,”A receding hairline.”,”A bad case of snaggletooth.”,”Their hair pulled into a single ponytail that they fidget with.”,”A porcelain mask adhered to their face, obscuring their features. They  see, eat, breathe, and drink through it normally.”,”Bifurcated their tongue.”,”No ability to stop smiling or frowning.”,”War paint applied to their face and body.”,”A piece of straw, a cigar, or similar object hanging out of their mouth.”,”Perfectly tousled hair.”,”A gold tooth.”




“Are obsessed with perfection.”,”Have no money to their name.”,”Struggle with narcolepsy.”,”Are being blackmailed about a crime they committed.”,”Are having an affair with a neighbor.”,”Have gone into massive debt.”,”Cannot talk about vegetables without suffering pain due to a magic curse.”,”Suffer from a major phobia.”,”Are crippled from a childhood accident.”,”Have the absolute worst luck since they spat on a temple’s statue.”,”Believe their god will reverse their fortunes without them having to do anything.”,”Do not have any time with so many children to take care of.”,”Think monster eggs are growing inside them.”,”Harbor a secret monster in their home that has been demanding more and more food each night.”,”Are terrified of being accused of being a doppelganger.”,”Get so nervous in stressful situations that they drop whatever they are holding”,”Sleep for over eighteen hours every day.”,”Become very frustrated and fussy if their daily routine is changed, no matter how slightly.”,”Desperately need a new business partner with money to save their business.”,”Owe a huge amount of money to predatory lenders.”,”Have ruined their credibility by raising a false alarm too many times.”,”Always take the easiest or fastest seeming shortcuts.”,”Refuse to pay full price on anything and stubbornly push negotiations too far.”,”Will fall for just about any ruse or lie.”,”Intentionally screw up so that people will stop giving them responsibilities.”,”Become overly emotional and invade the personal space of other people.”,”Do not know when to shut up and are oblivious to social cues.”,”Must always correct others around them, even the most pedantic and nit-picking inaccuracies.”,”Never fail to do the polite or chivalrous thing.”,”Keep their clothes meticulously clean and become useless until they can change or clean their dirty clothes.”,”Hold a terrible fear of the shadows and will refuse to meet anywhere not perfectly lit.”,”Like the feel of melted wax way too much.”,”Enjoy setting fires and tasting ashes.”,”Intend to do everything the cruelest, meanest, and most violent way possible.”,”Refuse to leave a task unfinished and are utterly distracted when they try to work on something else.”,”Think of another race as inferior and ignore or ridicule individuals of that race.”,”See another race as superior and try to gain their favor or attention.”,”Bounce from one belief system to another like a leaf in the wind.”,”Are pining after someone that does not even know they exist.”,”Have someone they care about being threatened unless they do what the kidnappers want.”,”Suffer from lycanthropy.”,”Do not know how to read or write but have been faking it since a young age.”,”Have a compulsion to steal or keep something from everyone they meet.”,”Refuse to step on cracked or split rocks, cobblestones, or wood.”,”Cannot sleep in a bed alone. Sleeping with someone else they get amazing sleep but shout or sleep walk the whole night.”,”Are the only ones that notice that the magistrate is actually a giant monster puppeting her dead corpse on strings.”,”Have no memory of their life earlier than a few months ago.”,”Fled from a powerful organization that wants them dead.”,”Are trying to start a cult to do it for them”,”Believe that money is beneath them and refuse to handle any.”,”Are unable to sound honest when telling the truth.”,”They only barely understand how the world works.”,”Have no friends or family to fall back on.”,”Falsely think that they are a notorious criminal on the run.”,”Will never again trust what a priest says.”,”Will put in a day’s worth of labor to get out of doing an hour of work.”,”Are compelled to perform unending pranks.”,”Must always leave their calling card or mark behind when completing a job.”,”Refuse to cheat, lie, or steal.”,”Have an ill relative or lover that they need to care for.”,”Took an oath of nonviolence.”,”Believe they are following the word of a god by secretly destroying a type of object.”,”Compulsively write down everything that happens each day in their diary that is not well hidden.”,”Cannot be carried by or ride on anything, as they will start vomiting.”,”Have skin that breaks out in a rash upon contact with water.”,”Will create a pro’s and con’s list before doing anything.”,”Are a wanted criminal.”,”Cannot comprehend numbers larger than ten.”,”Need to keep a small childhood memento on them at all times or they cower while crying.”,”Are completely unable to form sentences in the presence of one gender, sex, or species.”,”Will not stay put or sit idle. They will always be doing something.”,”Utterly believe in superstitions.”,”Take out their anger at a message upon the messenger. ”,”Talk too loud and do not care who overhears.”,”Are constantly searching for the next get rich quick scheme.”,”Decide to keep changing their name and accent.”,”Love breaking social taboos.”,”Keep retracing their steps from the day tragedy struck.”,”Believe that they are in the wrong body and need to get back”,” to the right one first.”,”Must do everything in threes.”,”Cannot keep focused on one task for very long.”,”Are always getting good ideas for tasks that they are not currently performing.”,”Rely on their servants to do everything for them.”,”Have no time outside of their many social commitments.”,”Received the blame for a major tragedy.”,”Got credit for a major blessing and are berated by others asking for more.”,”Cannot get rid of an unlucky coin.”,”Tried running away with the spouse of an important person, but their lover did not come with. The important person wants them dishonored.”,”Has terrible personal hygiene, is constantly sick, and people do not want to be near them.”,”Claim that they are stuck in a time loop and take erratic, but lucky, actions to avert some unnamed disaster.”,”Are the ill-gotten half-child of a god that inherited all of the dangers but none of the benefits.”,”Cannot have their name written or recorded. It vanishes from records and anyone trying to tell it to another will momentarily forget it.”,”Does not have the money to continue their education.”,”Are addicted to gambling. The greater the stakes the more enticing a bet is.”,”Sleep during the day and are awake at night.”,”Are thin-skinned. Wounds cut deeper and burns do more damage, plus they are self-conscious about their weird slightly translucent skin.”,”Cannot take a joke.”,”Shout when excited and mumble when sad.”,”Have to do everything as quickly as possibly to show their prowess.”




“Of Blades”,”The Lock”,”The Shadow”,”Firestarter”,”The Holy Light”,”The Learned”,”The Blind”,”The Poor”,”The Lame”,”The Dancer”,”Of Ash”,”The Reaper”,”The Coal-Hearted”,”The Ice Queen”,”The Gambler”,”The Gullible”,”Of Blood”,”By Death’s Right Hand”,”Among Devils”,”Green Thumb”,”Deadhand”,”No Nose”,”The Slick”,”Of Roses”,”Of Diamonds”,”The Sighted”,”The Gifted”,”The Lost”,”Of Knowledge”,”The Wise”,”The Just”,”Of Skulls”,”The Vile”,”Among Angels”,”The Philosopher”,”The Fortuitous”,”The Discrete”,”The Loud”,”The Small”,”The Great”,”I”,”II”,”III”,”IV”,”V”,”VI”,”In Prayer”,”Under Sin”,”The Farmer”,”The Tired”,”The Younger”,”The Elder”,”The Idle”,”Of Drink”,”The Abstainer”,”The Eye”,”The Nose”,”The Ear”,”Of Whispers”,”Upon the Wall”,”Within the Castle”,”The Ill”,”The Vital”,”The Petty”,”Of Charity”,”The Teacher”,”The Inventor”,”The Tinker”,”The Eccentric”,”The Mad”,”Of the Dead”,”The Widower”,”The Unloved”,”The Haunted”,”Of Love”,”Of Rage”,”Of Swamps”,”The Bog”



STREET TYPE: “Lane”,”Avenue”,”Court”,”Path”,”Street”,”Way”,”Run”,”Bend”,”Road”,”Boulevard”,”Parkway”,”Freeway”,”Drive”,”Pass”,”Outlet”,”Inlet”,”Bridge”,”Trail”,”Alley”,”Passage”

DIRECTION: “N”,” S”,” E”,” W”,” NE”,” NW”,” SE”,” SW”

ADJECTIVE: “Upper”,” Lower”,” Down”,” Up”,” New”,” Old”,” Edge”,”  Big”,” Small”,” Rich”,” Poor”,” True”,” Under”,” Over”,” In”,” Out”,” Dark”,” Light”,” Thin”,” Wide”

COLOR: “Red”,” Blue”,” Yellow”,” Green”,” Purple”,” Orange”,” Black”,” White”,” Grey”,” Ochre”,” Azure”,” Gold”,” Silver”,” Copper”,” Emerald”,” Ruby”,” Topaz”,” Violet”,” Brown”,” Tan”,” Navy”,” Crimson”,” Pink”,” Peach”,” Clear”,” Olive”,” Jade”,” Chartreuse”,” Aquamarine”,” Pearl”

ANIMALS: “Boar”,” Wolf”,” Dog”,” Cat”,” Tiger”,” Lion”,” Eagle”,” Owl”,” Sparrow”,” Lizard”,” Toad”,” Frog”,” Gator”,” Hippo”,” Deer”,” Elk”,” Beaver”,” Squirrel”,” Groundhog”,” Pig”,” Cow”,” Goat”,” Sheep”,” Lamb”,” Calf”,” Foal”,” Horse”,” Bull”,” Ram”,” Lioness”,” Penguin”,” Bear”,” Ostrich”,” Kangaroo”,” Pony”,” Dolphin”,” Shark”,” Urchin”,” Sponge”,” Eel”,” Fish”,” Tuna”,” Swordfish”,” Whale”,” Snake”,” Spider”,” Rat”,” Mouse”,” Hedgehog”,” Parrot”,” Leech”,” Lamprey”,” Worm”,” Beetle”,” Ant”,” Tarantula”,” Manta Ray”,” Crab”,” Lobster”,” Catfish”,” Ape”,” Monkey”,” Sloth”,” Koala”,” Giraffe”,” Bison”,” Buffalo”,” Zebra”,” Mantis”,” Firefly”,” Ladybug”,” Stinkbug”,” Cricket”,” Mockingbird”,” Hawk”,” Falcon”,” Hound”,” Stallion”,” Chicken”,” Rooster”,” Fox”,” Jackal”,” Elephant”,” Rhinoceros”,” Flamingo”,” Turkey”,” Octopus”,” Squid”,” Moose”,” Reindeer”,” Stag”,” Doe”,” Fawn”,” Llama”,” Rabbit”,” Bat”,” Heron”,” Swan”,” Duck”,” Albatross”,” Barnacle”,” Bee”,” Wasp”,” Fly”,” Snail”,” Guppy”,” Jellyfish”,” Lynx”,” Mastiff”,” Otter”,” Newt”,” Sea Lion”,” Mule”,” Donkey”,” Opossum”,” Platypus”,” Racoon”,” Robin”,” Scorpion”,” Turtle”,” Starfish”,” Vulture”,” Walrus”,” Weasel”,” Yak”,” Raven”

MYTHOLOGICAL: “Manticore”,” Myconid”,” Elemental”,” Ghost”,” Spectre”,” Dragon”,” Lich”,” Hag”,” Troll”,” Ogre”,” Goblin”,” Kobold”,” Gremlin”,” Fairy”,” Zombie”,” Skeleton”,” Giant”,” Vampire”,” Ankheg”,” Antlion”,” Land Shark”,” Banshee”,” Medusa”,” Cyclops”,” Shapeshifter”,” Doppelganger”,” Shadow”,” Blink Dog”,” Displacer Beast”,” Gorgon”,” Cockatrice”,” Ooze”,” Slime”,” Troglodyte”,” Treant”,” Dryad”,” Nymph”,” Drake”,” Hippogryph”,” Sphinx”,” Mummy”,” Purple Worm”,” Remorhaz”,” Dark Mantle”,” Salamander”,” Djinn”,” Azer”,” Yeti”,” Will-o’-the-wisp”,” Invisible Stalker”,” Choker”,” Coatl”,” Wyvern”,” Succubus”,” Demon”,” Devil”,” Imp”,” Angel”,” Cherub”,” Reaper”,” Mermaid”,” Siren”,” Roc”,” Basilisk”,” Centaur”,” Bugbear”,” Owlbear”,” Chimera”,” Drider”,” Gargoyle”,” Griffon”,” Hell Hound”,” Harpy”,” Hydra”,” Lamia”,” Werewolf”,” Minotaur”,” Mimic”,” Naga”,” Serpentfolk”,” Nightmare”,” Orc”,” Pegasus”,” Rakshasa”,” Rust Monster”,” Unicorn”,” Wraith”

Locations: “Berry”,”Apple”,”Fisher”,”Metal”,”Diamond”,”Mahogany”,”Oak”,”Cherry”,”Birch”,”Salt”,”Thorn”,”Saint”,”Devil”,”Angel”,”Bramble”,”Bush”,”Cobble”,”Rumbling”,”Roaring”,”Quiet”,”Sheer”,”Hope”,”Faith”,”Shining”,”Beacon”,”Dusk”,”Sunrise”,”Sunset”,”Moon”,”Tide”,”Wind”,”Cloud”,”Gallow”,”Crook”,”Hook”,”Spear”,”Shield”,”Chain”,”Band”,”Singer”,”Shell”,”Gem”,”Eclipse”,”Noon”,”Night”,”Morning”,”Dawn”,”Sand”,”Dirt”,”Sea”,”Salt”,”Frost”,”Bright”,”Foundation”,”Enterprise”,”Free”,”Fell”,”Judge”,”Star”,”Crescent”,”Square”,”Creation”,”Tradition”,”Provenance”,”Dream”,”Desire”,”His”,”Her”,”Barn”,”Shanty”,”Lead”,”Church”,”Tin”,”House”,”Twine”,”Clock”,”Gravel”,”Home”,”Arrow”,”Bow”,”Hammer”,”Anvil”,”Stone”,”Brick”,”Log”,”Idea”,”Cross”,”Fear”,”Tear”,”Tooth”,”Foot”,”Hand”,”Cutter”,”Fog”,”Mist”,”Rain”,”Shine”,”Thunder”,”Quake”,”Hidden”,”Lost”,”Burden”,”Peace”

Location suffixes:

“Spring”,” Hollow”,” Borough”,” Town”,” Ton”,” Side”,” Fort”,” Hill”,” Valley”,” Pass”,” Fork”,” Falls”,” Hold”,” Cliff”,” Castle”,” View”,” Dale”,” Vista”,” Hall”,” Bay”,” Vale”,” Pond”,” Coast”,” Land”,” Acre”,” Square”,” Mere”,” Edge”,” Moor”,” Port”,” Stop”,” Ark”,” Head”,” Lick”,” Field”,” End”,” Crossing”,” Shire”,” Ville”,” Crag”,” Mountain”,” Mesa”,” Peak”,” Wharf”,” Garden”,” Rock”,” Forest”,” Hollow”,” Glade”,” Meadow”,” Wood”,” Beach”,” City”,” Mine”,” Stop”,” End”,” Landing”

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