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Mythoard #19: A Package Delayed

I hope your holidays are filled with great dice rolls, fun times, good food, and a few days with those close to you.

While I am glad that Mythoard is going to keep its doors open, it really shows that #19 was really hit hard by the supplier not fulfilling their end of the deal. In this pack, there is a basic edition of the rule-set for Polyhedral Dungeon, a Judges Guild magazine, a beginner adventure, and a half page encounter guide. Mythoard #23 is coming in soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is in that one

The Judges Guild magazine had some cool boat maps but then they are printed half on one side of the page and half on the other side of the same page! I can only imagine that someone didn’t think this one through on the editing floor, because that makes these maps almost useless, and they are pretty nice. They could have even been pulled out to use as a full-sized battle-map if they weren’t printed this way.

In Defense of Thuil is a repeat item that was most likely added to help fill out this Mythoard. It is a good adventure, but I’ve got it already. I would like to point out that I enjoy that the cover sheet has the maps printed on it and it separates from the rest of the guidebook. This is absolutely fantastic for being able to hold the map along side the guidebook while reading.


The Centaur Glade is a half-page encounter guide and map that continues a story of a previous half-page where the players encounter a centaur being hunted by shadow mastiffs. All in all a solid encounter that I will slide into my gaming binder, ready to come out should the sandbox need a good random encounter.

Here is probably my favorite section of the Polyhedral Dungeon, the monster section has some interesting ways to represent different rates of wandering monsters as well as ways to use different die sizes to represent statistics rather than pure numbers and modifiers. All in all, I would run Polyhedral Dungeon as a good way to introduce role playing concepts to a newbie or younger player. This one will sit on my bookshelf, but I think it will be put to good use some day in the future.


Speaking of Mythoard continuing, the orders for #24 are reopening and close on January 12th. You can be part of the growing community and support this awesome member of the gaming community.

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