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A Year in Review & Mythoard 23

So let’s talk about this year, the good and what needs improvement. Help hold me to these resolutions and call me out if my achievements aren’t all I make them out to be ^.< At the end of the post I write up the latest Mythoard, #23.

The Pro’s

  • Increasing viewership and google+ followers checking out my blog posts. Thanks in large part to the many wonderful people that share my work.

  • I broke new ground in offering up my work for sale on DMsguild, and continue to see downloads and royalties coming in. Total, I’ve received just over $100 total from all my paid and pay what you want releases.
  • Fiverr commissions from my main client have been coming in for interesting and profitable projects. This is absolutely fantastic experience trying to mold my writing to someone else’s game. In total, I’ve probably earned almost $350 from my work on Fiverr over the course of the year.
  • My sales and commissioned have been invested back in my future work by nabbing some Fat Goblin Games stock art subscriptions for magic items and monsters, along with other miscellaneous stock art.
  • I finally came up with a good name for my improvisation program and I am getting it to a place I enjoy releasing new versions.
  • I won one of the top prizes in the One Page Dungeon contest this year!

Resolutions for 2017:

  • End with an audience at least twice the size of my current audience and get the returning visitors ratio above 30%. To do this, I will resume work on my popular series (dungeon maps, character archetypes, and art of being a monster) while adding more interesting tidbits to my less popular posts like my Mythoard unboxings.
  • Encourage a stronger audience by engaging directly for more feedback. Be more social and triple the number of (non-spam) comments on the blog. Be the change I want to see by going to other blogs and commenting more often.
  • Get Improvisr to work from a page on my blog. I have no idea what I’m doing on this one, so if any readers are html wizards, I’d appreciate any help.
  • Modify Improvisr to pull from a fully customize-able external spreadsheet.
  • Practice mapping more often and write-up some past dungeons that have been languishing in folders.
  • Earn at least as much in commissions in 2017. Double my total royalties and affiliate earnings on dmsguild by releasing more and better products. Some teasers for product ideas: Exposed to the Elements (new elementals, elemental pets, and magic items), PrOFaNe and ProFOUnD (religious items, 1001 gods, boons, and banes), Exotic Foodstuffs (food related magic items, new consumables, in game rare meats/foods/recipes, and out of game snack recipes to match), PWYW Game Tools (camping/travel tools remastered, organization tool, and others), Riddle Me This (how to guide to riddles, puzzles, and more plus an index of some pre-generated riddles, plus a guide on how to create clues, and links to resources), and a few more. 
  • Become a better writer by drafting short stories from the perspective of my player’s villains and npc’s to go along with each campaign summary.
  • Update the website design more often to better display interesting posts, free releases, and generally better reflect what I have to offer my fellow gamers.

Thank you for being a loyal reader, sharing, commenting, and otherwise making a number go up by clicking on links that send you here. I hope to be a worthwhile pile of html for you to continue reading in 2017. If there is something you want to see, have me change, or do better, tell me now so I can add it to my mental list of resolutions.

Mythoard #23

This is the return to the classic mythoard that I know and love. Tons of good adventures, dungeons, and supplements in this monthly package. All new stuff and the only complaint I have is for the old-school magazine, as I usually get very little out of them, but I know older school gamers enjoy them, so I can’t complain too much. =D

This is probably my top choice from among all the dungeons and supplements I received all year. This dungeon is a beautiful smash-up of glorious art, engaging room designs, organized layouts, and just a smidgen of creeping dread. I forgotten tomb able to be dropped in anywhere with sinister after-effects that can be meaningfully translated to D&D 5e despite its Dungeon Crawl Classics designation. Just like I like it, the “villain” of the piece depends on your perspective and both sides have solid justifications and plots. This one works on a sort of ends-vs-means argument with the adventurers acting as greedy or glory-hungry murder-hobos barging in. The traps inside are unique, have listed clues, and numerous methods of avoidance and disarmament. No railroads here!


Two mini-dungeons for D&D 5e from that contain small puzzles, encounters, and solidly themed floors able to be inserted just about anywhere. While the double-sided pages contain no stat-blocks, something that would make it a powerful stand-alone to be included in my table materials, it does a great job with succinctly describing each room and relating them to connected events or rooms. What would be nice is strategic bolding or italicizing key features of each room so that they can be described at a glance during play. I will have to space out the use of these two as they are both undead focused, and I like to balance out such creatures with more sociable or negotiable monsters.

The player’s guide to Rappan Athuk is a good descriptive mini-novel to accompany the previous Rappan Athuk pieces, but as I didn’t find Rappan Athuk interesting in the adventure portion, I don’t have much reason to read through this book. The artwork is so simple that it would have been better to leave out, as most were simple pencil sketches scanned directly in with no finishing touches or attempt to blend it with the style of the rest of the book.

My usual complaints of their being minimal value in the old magazines included in the monthly hoards, but in this case I found a gem in the rough. This section of the magazine lays out various chemicals that can be used for poisons along with their effects in detail. A few of the maps are decent, although they are typical of the older style of dungeon maps which I am not a fan of: block rooms and hallways on a black background.

4 thoughts on “A Year in Review & Mythoard 23

  1. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your activity over the year.

    Fiverr seems to be working for you. Have you written about your experience there? Advice for a beginner?

    All the best


    1. I’ve written off and on about the various projects I have worked on but I haven’t felt experienced enough to really provide any advice. I feel that I really lucked out with a continuous buyer commissioning many large works for use in their own project. Between that regular commissioner and a few decently sized projects adjacent to my gig offerings, I have still only had fewer than 20 gigs to make up that total. Any specific questions I can answer?


  2. Is this actually Mythoard #22? The checklist is labeled as such. I ask because I received all of these items, but was under the impression I was still awaiting the delivery of #23. With the delays I wonder if I’ve lost track or gotten mixed up.


    1. You are quite right, this is actually Mythoard #22. I pulled out the Doom of Hezekalimon and there it was. Now I’m excited and looking forward to #23! I’ll be doing another review of #23 when it comes in, so if you can always check here to see another data point on the shipping/delivery front.


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