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One Page Dungeon 2017: It snuck up on me.

This your reminder to get started on your One Page Dungeon entry for this year. Who me? No, I’ve been working on my entry for months now, you’re just only now hearing about it because… reasons…


Now that I’ve, of course, got so much work done on my entry, I wanted to see how my ideas stack up. Comment below on your favorite!


Modular Selector Dungeon

Everything modular. Sandwiches, weapons, jewelry, and even a construct or slime boss. 

Impress the wizard with your field testing of his designs and get a sweet source or loot + a modular construct minion (weakened from your fight though).

Pick up weirdly useful loot. Combination weapons.

Free sandwhich bar.

Moving rooms and pneumatic pipe powered traps.

Frankenstein-cobbled together skeletal oozes including a loveable kitten-snake.

Repeating square rooms and airlocks, plus a chance of getting turned around.

Other minions are modular elementals joined together with brass joints. 

Wizard wears those shorts-pants that can be unzipped. Also wears robes that can be zipped and reattached to change appearance. Surrenders almost instantly when fought, he isn’t a fighter.


The Silver Mariner

Drifting ghost ship dungeon that shifts according to the scattered rays of moonlight.

Only has mass under the moonlight, slowly becoming ethereal as clouds shift overhead. If you’re not careful, you’ll slip through and fall into the ocean (and have to climb back up the outside). If you time it right, you could fall through the floor to reach somewhere else.

Table for moonlight each minute? few rounds?: no moonlight, no change, half the room, scattered (grey), scattered (white), the whole room, and the whole ship.

End the curse so you can steal the ship.

Find ethereal galoshes and gloves, allowing you to stand on and handle parts of the ship that go ghost.

This could even be used as a land ship dungeon, but if you fall through, you’ll have to run to catch up.

Ghostly pirates only fight-able when not in the moonlight. Twist is, they are trying to kill you to take their place on the ship (false belief), but you want as many to survive as possible to crew your ship.

Write your name on the cover of the captain’s log to take ownership. First mate has the magical key but hides in the brig.

Ghostly fish swarm in the lower levels, caught up in the spell or killed by pirates as the ship glides through the sea.

Their captain is trapped in the demi-plane of a sea-demon.


Land of the Flumph, a Friendly Dungeon

Possible, and the most rewarding, to complete this dungeon without harming a single creature.

Of course, this means there are many clues early on and scattered throughout encouraging knowledge, scouting, and the possibilities of pacifism.

Some tedious fetch quests requiring trade ladders to get a thing from someone else to trade for another thing to give to another person and so on.

Negotiating a truce between blink dogs and phase spiders. If they were smarter they probably could have figured out that they eat different things, want to live in different spaces, and actually would do well to just trade territory.

Worst case you can always bribe the gossip goblins.

Flumph cultists act as the boss, and will fight hard but will not reduce anyone below 1 hit point. If you want their best blessing, just sit there and take it.

Friend of the Flumph gives each player the ability to summon a flumph once each day. If they were fully pacifist, they can also transform into a flumph, gaining flight speed, for one minute each day. 


Dead Thumb

Classic dungeon full of interconnections, alternate solutions, and good old fashioned door-kickin’.

Branching paths connected with secret passages.

Dangerous traps in hallways that can be turned on the defenders.

Dragon-lich-ooze boss as a collection of dragon bones and a failed draco-lich that attacks. Best tactic is a fighting retreat using door spikes, reset traps, and narrow corridors to slow it down while you dish out the punishment.

Fungus harvesting rat-people offering limited shelter. A different tribe of rat people attacks to get manflesh.

Trapped demon in a summoning circle. Don’t break the summoning circle. It must keep any promises it makes. Yes it can cast a wish spell for you. It probably will once you open the circle. Then it will kill you.

2 thoughts on “One Page Dungeon 2017: It snuck up on me.

  1. The Silver Mariner sounds amazing. Since you obviously have all of these dungeons ready to go, I think you should go with that one. 😉


    1. Of course! Not like I’m still working on just one of them…


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