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Two Free Puzzles and a Mythoard Review

This months mythoard, which is actually #23. There wasn’t much to like in this package but what I did like, I thoroughly enjoyed.

These two mini leaflets that feature individual locations. On the left is a ruined and haunted inn while on the left is an overworld location featuring a crossing and mill. Fairly solid entries to keep on hand when I need something created at the last minute.


This is the solid gold of this month’s delivery. An entire handout designed around the useful parts that adventurers can salvage from the beasts and monsters they fight. With amazing artwork and concise statblocks, this is manual I will keep close to steal ideas from when updating my own treasure generation methods. Do not expect an encyclopedia of how to use each specific bone of the entire expanded monster manual, but there is something you can gather from every stereotypical monster. It is hard to say how this will work out in play. Will it over-incentivize players slowing the game to a crawl to cut apart every beast or will it create interesting trade-offs of trying to harvest more loot at the risk of wandering monsters or avoiding optimal combat tactics for risk of damaging a valuable organ?


Not much use for my game, but for someone running a Traveller or derivative game, they could see good use out of the judge screen and crew log template book. I could maybe use this to track ships and caravans, but I much prefer google docs.


Pony pirates versus gem gnolls in a kid friendly adventure. If that’s your thing, its got useful maps, overlarge statblocks, solid layout, and seems to offer multple routes to victory or investigation. Might be worth translating the adventure to replace the ponies with regular fantasy stock, but only if you have a burning need for a pirate adventure.


Here are two of the riddles included in my latest dmsguild product release, priced at $9.87. Including a guide to riddle and puzzle creation plus 40 puzzles, you are paying $0.25 per puzzle. They range from patterns to numbers to logic to silly.


2 thoughts on “Two Free Puzzles and a Mythoard Review

  1. Thanks for that.
    Your Monstrous Neighbours gives a solution of

    But doesn’t
    satisfy your original 9 statements


    1. You are quite right about that, the puzzle has two functional solutions without the hints. Guess that hits what I talk about in the guide sections, that no matter how much you test something, you will miss something because your testing is approaching things from already knowing the solution. Thanks for taking the time to figure it out and get it to my attention.

      For a fix, I think I’ll move the two hints to be part of the problem and add two new hints.


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