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An Updated PDF and Free Riddles

A couple of different posters have pointed out problems with my “Monstrous Neighbors” and “Tactics and Towers” puzzles. The first had an issue where there were two equally possible solutions based on the description, requiring the hints to actually solve it. I moved those hints into the description and wrote two new hints. The chess puzzle was not possible, as castling is not a legal move to get out of check, so I have reworked the problem to still allow castling as a bonus move while the normal move of rook will still solve the problem. You can find Riddle Me This on dmsguild here for $9.87, less than $0.25 per unique riddle.

Also, I am starting a Patreon! You can support me for as little as $0.01 per blog post, and your support counts towards a building credit that you can message me to redeem for any paid, digital product I sell anywhere on the web. If a one-time donation is more your speed, I also have a paypal.




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