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And yet, the Encounters continue to pour forth.

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{Early Morning}  [Empty]  [Locale]: Dry Strange Out of Place Settled [Keyword]: Life Humans Trash Structure Resource [Signs]: Magical Auras Vegetation Damages Animals Remains Air Currents

A refugee camp crowds into the wind-sheltered area at the base of some short outcroppings. The shanties have been scrabbled together from refuse, trash, and scraps. The robed, bandaged, and haggard people avoid contact, averting eyes and not speaking to outsiders. Odd magical auras, out of place grass piles, and animal entrail ornaments are scattered about the camp and given a wide berth by the refugees. If forced or sufficiently bribed, one or two refugees can be convinced to give off vague information about their town in the forests to the south having been attacked by invisible attackers in the night. The people are paranoid and superstitious, and investigating the auras, grasses, or entrails will reveal that they hold no hostile magic while deeper knowledge can pinpoint ancient rites of protection and warding against invisible attackers.

{Early Afternoon}  [Empty]  [Locale]: Out of Place Passage Settled Strange [Keyword]: Peace Blockage Violence Shortcut

Bandit thugs hold a checkpoint along the road ahead. They can be seen in their sleeveless robes and cloaks stopping the passage of pilgrims. Horse riders circle the area, with a red flag banner. The checkpoint has been built up from boulders, wagons, and felled trees and topped with a red banner bearing two arms wrestling. A character with obscure historical or religious knowledge analyzing the banner will recognize the iconography of Trasthet, Demi-god of Adversity. The cultists often tend towards survivalist groups and often challenge those around them in order to toughen them up.  

Diplomacy, bribes, and even intimidation will be hard pressed to succeed, although not impossible. The “bandits” will immediately offer passage to anyone who offers a credible threat of violence, with the leader of the seven thugs, plus two riders, offering the simple phrase, “Adversity is power. Go on in strength, friend.”

{Early Afternoon}  [Empty]  [Locale]: Sparse Out of Place Wet [Keyword]: Peace Violence Remains Structure

A thatched hut lists at a thirty degree angle, sunk two feet into the marshy ground. Adorning this house and the thorny rose bushes surrounding it are numerous hanging artifacts. Constructed of bone, feathers, preserved plant materials, and clay, the ornaments take the form of interlocking circles and pentagons. Any player that enters the house will find it littered with broken furniture and scratched out summoning circles. A thorough check will uncover a few bottles containing traces of rare spell components, worth a pittance to an alchemist willing to work for a few drops of crow’s tears, fairy dust, and dried albino mandrake root.

{Early Morning}  [Monster & Treasure]  [Locale]: Lush Passage Out of Place Rough  [Keyword]: Peace Dead Trash  

[Monster] The Presence of a Friendly, Uncommon Magical Creature

[Treasure]  Junk (1%)

As the players work through the underbrush in this area of overgrown trees and shrubs, a female voice pipes up with a question from amongst the middle of them. “Are you professors? I was told that I should ask for a professor.”

The stunningly beautiful fey is covered only in orange-red vines, appearing as a form fitting frock, contrasting with her ash colored skin. The fire nymph puts off an aura of heat that she will only remember to reign in if someone comments on it. Shaksikuinyl is hoping to learn about humans, but holds little regard for anyone not useful to her goals, having eaten the last humans she encountered that tried to take advantage of her vulnerable appearance.

Offerings of knowledge will make her a quick friend, and she might even go as far as joining the players’ on their adventure to observe their behavior. While observing she will refuse to become involved, hoping to see how the humans act, except to offer her aid in the form of healing or fire magic should her teachers be in dire straits.

Shaksikuinyl, Ash Nymph

HD 6 Size M 17 AC MOV 40ft. ATK +8 Slam/+6 Bite/+9 Ashbolt DAM (2d8+5 Bludgeoning, 1d10+5 Piercing, 2d6+8 Fire) Multiattack: Makes one slam and one bite attack, two slam attacks, or two ashbolt attacks as a single attack action. Spells: Firewall 1/day, Fireball 1/day, Flaming Sphere 3/day. Control Fire: May control non magical fire at will to extinguish, fuel, or move it up to 60 ft. Sources of fire within 60ft. add 1d6 fire damage to all Ash Nymph attacks. Ash Walk: Can teleport between fire or ash of Small size or larger, up to their movement speed. Soothing Heat: Ash Nymph can expend their own hit points to heal another creature with a touch.  

She carries a pressed crown of flowers and within this clearing there are a number of easily transplantable berry bushes, both of which are not worth very much, even to an avid gardener.


{Early Afternoon}  [Monster & Treasure]  [Locale]: Dry Passage Settled Out of Place  [Keyword]: Dead Trash Resource Structure Animals  

[Monster] The Tracks of a Defensive, Rare Beast

[Treasure]  Major (25%)

Around the bend of the slight hill, there is a dilapidated ranch. A mixed herd of malnourished animals cower along the borders of the fence. Interacting with the animals will cause them to cry out, alerting the dire ape within the stable. A shadowy figure can be seen moving and working inside the house attached to a small stable. The one room house is a room of horrors, covered in bones, pelts, and hanging carcasses covered in unskilled cuts and jagged tears. Entering this room first will require a dexterity check to avoid bumping any of the many bones and carcasses, alerting the dire ape in the adjoining stable.

The stable itself is floored in a thick red mud of dirt mixed with gore. Internal stalls have been smashed apart and combined into a large work table around which a huge humanoid figure, covered in uncured animal furs, carves away at a steer with rusty tools. If alert to intruders, the ape will be hiding in the rafters instead, ready to pounce down with club and claw. If surprised, the ape will lunge forward with rusty tools before remembering to use its club.

Dire Ape Butcher

HD 10 Size L 18 AC MOV 40 ft/60 ft. Climb ATK +10 Club/+6 Tools/+8 Claw/+8 Bite DAM (2d10+12 Bludgeoning*/1d8+8 Slashing/2d6+8 Slashing/2d8+8 Piercing) *Dire ape is wielding the Brute Club, with an intimidate check bonus of +5. Multiattack: When the dire ape makes an attack, it will make two club or tool attacks unless disarmed, then it will make a claw and bite attack.

Killing the malicious creature will reveal it to be a rare crimson ape, with a very valuable pelt. Additionally, its club is a magic item.

Brute Club 6000

Made from the femur of some gigantic humanoid, scraps of tendon and meat still hang off the end while the other end is wrapped with a strip of rotting pelt. Wielded as a great club, this club sizes itself to be a two handed weapon for its wielder and when the attacker makes a successful attack, the bone howls. The wielder must make an intimidate check opposed by the targets’ wisdom or charisma save. On a success, the club deals an additional 2d6 nonlethal damage. A failure requires the club wielder to make a Wisdom save, DC 13, or be struck with fear.


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