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Bell’s March 1st Floor Draft 2/2

A continuation of Part 1.

Information Chamber

A skeleton lays in a small cell built into the north eastern corner of the room, still gripping a broken wooden beam, a faint glimmer of silver can be seen in its mouth. Anyone entering within 5 feet of the cell will be surprise attacked by the skeleton as it leaps to its feat and lunges with the pointed end of the beam in the same motion. It holds a Forked Tongue in its mouth. Its cell door is locked.

Various torture implements are scattered about the room and could be salvaged for 200 SP worth of components and tools. A skeleton is still lashed to a stretching rack tilted at 30 degrees.

Beyond to the south is the Jail.


The west wall of this chamber if carved from the natural stone of the mountain, with a statue mounted above bearing the likeness of the cliched Akshi gothic gargoyle. Just below the statue is a dry-rotted wooden table perpendicular to the wall with a chair on near side and a stool on the other. Just beneath the chair, if anyone looks, they will see a ring of keys. These keys open the cell doors in the Jail and Information Chamber

An exit on the east wall is blocked by the T-intersection of bars. Around the corner from this exit are three levers set into the wall, all currently in the down position. These switches control the three sets of iron bars in the T-intersection, and still function although the mechanisms in the wall protest.

To the south are three iron barred cells locked shut. The west cell holds two skeletons piled at the bottom of a post with two pairs of empty manacles secured to its six foot mark. The middle cell is empty except for spots of grit and dust on its floor. The east cell holds a single skeleton leaning up against its bars, one arm draped out towards the Jail door. The middle cell has a secret door openable from the other side in the Office, although a DC 20 perception or investigation check will reveal its presence.

The skeletons wait for all the cell doors to open before attacking unless attacked first. In either case they will spring to their feet, and attack with finger bones sharpened like claws or use one arm to crack apart another to make a shiv.

While the adventurers are distracted by skeletons or investigating, the statue will reveal itself to be an actual Gargoyle that will leap down in ambush. If combat drags on without it claiming any prey or it takes more than half its health in damage, it will attempt to flee, closing any door behind it on its way outside where it will toss the surviving exterior statue as far away as it can, then take its old position to heal up and wait for the party to leave the dungeon wounded.

Gathering Hall

This room holds a large wooden table, a number of chairs, a smaller round table, and countertop serving area. The west wall of the room is carved into natural stone and there are further doors to the south, to the Lavatory, and west, to the Office.

Sitting atop the table, gnawing on a bone is a rat the size of a small bear. The dire rat has the partial spirit of an old mage bonded to it and manifests psychic blasts and telekinesis on 50% of its turns, either blasting each foe within sight for a small amount of damage, blinking behind an enemy for a surprise attack, or flinging the largest object in sight at the toughest looking foe. Whichever creature deals the killing blow to the dire rat must make a Wisdom save, DC 16, or the mage’s soul will attach to them as a new host, inflicting some madnesses but offering similar random magical effects.

The natural stone on the west wall is decorated with stone gargoyle’s, one of which is an actual gargoyle that will leap to attack once the adventurer’s are distracted by the rat. If combat drags on without it claiming any prey or it takes more than half its health in damage, it will attempt to flee, closing any door behind it on its way outside where it will toss the surviving exterior statue as far away as it can, then take its old position to heal up and wait for the party to leave the dungeon wounded.


This small chamber holds a metal pot of water bolted to the wall. The water looks clean, and will replace itself every ten minutes, although its magic will be ruined if it is removed from the wall. Creatures that drink it have a chance of mutating, with an onset delay of 1d4 days, unless a DC 10 Constitution save is made. On the west wall of the room is a wooden throne with a large hole set in its middle. Glancing down in this hole, there will be visible chunks of stone gargoyle statues jammed down inside.


Bookshelves line the north and east walls of this room, save for a small gap in the north wall where it meets the east wall. A large desk faces the door, piled high with books and papers, only showing the barest signs of age. A switch on the inside of the desk opens the secret door in the gap between the bookcases on the north wall leading to the middle jail cell. A drawer within the desk, littered with bits of paper, notes, and writing utensils, also contains a ring of keys. One of these keys fits the lock to open the deadbolt on the wax-sealed door.

The various books in the room are written in ancient Askhi, and will take work to translate. They cover topics such as arcane siege weapons, Akshi military tactics, Akshi military ranks, Akshi military rituals, a book detailing the culture of a local area that could serve as a Rosetta Stone, a book containing Akshi trash fiction, and theoretical arcane esoterica.

A search of the room will reveal that a bookcase on the east wall is attached to the wall and a pull will open up the way to the Hidden Chamber.

Hidden Chamber

Within this small room is a chest containing a segmented longsword, 40 Akshi platinum pieces, 160 Akshi gold pieces, and 160 ancient gold pieces for the local area.

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