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Roll All the Dice for Improv Quests and Mythoard

Here is a roll all the dice style improv generator for quests/geases/adventures/requests. You can use the D3 to shake up the style of request, otherwise the format is

[Urgency(d4) Action(d10) Object(d12) Preposition(d8) Descriptor(d20), Random(d30)] keeping the Literalness(d6) result in mind to modify the actual quest. 

Some examples:

In the coming weeks, Stall Royalty Under A Grand Cathedral, Framing Someone Else. [Creatively Interpreted]

-This quest involve the players working to delay a holier-than-thou prince from completing a ritual to summon an angel bent on forcing the city into taking up arms in a crusade against a nominally evil kingdom. They want to blame someone else so the commoners don’t get a real reason to go to war against the nominally evil kingdom.

With a unique item, In The Wizards Tower Implement shall Empower, Exactly as written.

-The players must take the magical device to the top of the wizard tower in order to empower their weapons with the energy needed to defeat another foe or complete another quest.

A palace Deceive On Tradesfolk Within days, Creatively interpreted.

-Propaganda of the vampire family within the palace in the hills has kept the people toiling away to create elaborate machines, art, and statuary but it is all coming to a head in rebellion. The nobles actually deceive to align the right devices for an existential threat that is incoming.

D3: Order of operations

  1. Urgency(d4) Action(d10) Object(d12) Preposition(d8) Descriptor(d20), Random(d30)
  2. Random(d30), Preposition(d8) Descriptor(d20) Object(d12) must/shall/will/cannot Action(d10), Literalness(d6)
  3. Descriptor(d20) Action(d10) Preposition(d8) Object(d12) Urgency(d4) Literalness(d6)

D4: Urgency

  1. Immediately
  2. Within days
  3. In the coming weeks
  4. It is foretold

D6: Literalness

  1. Exactly as written
  2. Keeping in the letter
  3. Vaguely correct
  4. Creatively interpreted
  5. In the spirit
  6. Barely correct

D8: Preposition

  1. In
  2. Out
  3. Of
  4. For
  5. To
  6. On
  7. Under
  8. As

D10: Action

  1. Survive
  2. Remove
  3. Aid
  4. Stall
  5. Escort
  6. Investigate
  7. Revive
  8. Empower
  9. Meet
  10. Deceive

D12: Object

  1. Castle
  2. Tomb
  3. Battlefield
  4. Relic
  5. Implement
  6. Corpse
  7. Supplies
  8. Money
  9. Royalty
  10. Commoner
  11. Tradesfolk
  12. Secret

D20: Descriptor

  1. The lost kingdom
  2. A hidden grove
  3. A haunted keep
  4. The decrepit catacombs
  5. The winding sewers
  6. A misty forest
  7. An overgrown graveyard
  8. The flowing river
  9. A grand cathedral
  10. A creaking ship
  11. The coast
  12. The sweltering sands
  13. A snow capped peak
  14. The windswept cliffs
  15. The rolling hills
  16. A grand city
  17. The capitol
  18. A palace
  19. A fortress
  20. The wizards tower

D30: Random

  1. Against an opposing faction
  2. In competition with others
  3. Before an aly does it their own way
  4. Without waste
  5. Causing minimal harm
  6. Extravagantly as possible
  7. Ensuring that it never becomes a problem again
  8. With a wacky sidekick
  9. Suffering the presence of an annoying person
  10. So that no one knows who did it
  11. Only to betray them at the last moment
  12. Framing someone else
  13. In the midst of a magical curse
  14. With the aid of the gods
  15. In order to have it retold by a bard
  16. Twisted for selfish benefit
  17. Without any aid
  18. Under the hostile scorn of the people
  19. Using means the group is not skilled in
  20. Accidentally furthering another’s plans
  21. Accidentally foiling someone’s plans
  22. In an alien culture
  23. Going against tradition
  24. With a unique item
  25. Without a habitual item
  26. Despite the personal costs
  27. When the target doesn’t want help
  28. While suffering an unlucky helper
  29. Only technically
  30. Though it will result in doom

Mythoard 26

This months Mythoard was replete with a pair of bones miniatures, a FULL set of dice (and my first d30!), two resin bases (presumably for those two miniatures), a Knights of the Dinner table comic book, a half page living dungeon, a sea-themed adventure, and many digital downloads (Spymaster book, One Page Dungeon 2016 compendium, etc.). It is great to see a return of more physical goodies with the Mythoard, so this package was a nice change of pace to open up. While I do not like the bright colors of most of the dice, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get a thirty sided die. The two miniatures are being added to the pile of unpainted minis… The two dungeon/adventures included are useful but nothing spectacular, with the sheer amount of box text in The Legend of Old Crank putting me off delving deeper into the module. I enjoyed the Dragonlance books so I will look into getting Spymaster and giving it a read if I find the time. I am not a fan of Knights of the Dinner Table, but I have never been big into comics, especially slice of life stories.

I am thinking of keeping my Mythoard reviews more concise and less detailed, as I don’t think it has much value for others (if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me!).


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