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Gear Up: Equipment for the Dungeon Delver in your Life

Gather up your equipment and suit up for the long haul. Over 250 items created or rehashed for more playability and problem solving utility without breaking your game. Suggestion prices are given within to help reward your players with appropriate loot that will keep them thinking of new ways to take advantage of the arcane items within such as infinite, flimsy pinewood boxes, an extra-dimensional pastoral retreat, or a magical gieger counter.

Here is a sample of a handful of the items described within:

Paxton’s Pocket Plane, Lesser 5000

Black cloth twisted into a ten foot rope is secured at each end by a clasp. Locking the clasps the together turns the Paxton’s Pocket Plane into a loop that forms a 3 foot diameter portal to a barren, rocky surface. That area is a tiny dimension of irregular rock, roughly 20 ft in diameter on average, floating in a black void. From the inside, a loop of rope hangs or lays in a mirrored fashion to its position in the original plane. Unclasping the rope on the inside causes the outer rope to vanish. Reclasping the rope from inside the pocket plane returns the outer rope loop to its original position, or the nearest unoccupied space. Anything that falls off the floating rock falls 10 ft before landing on the middle of the rock. Destroying the rope from either side collapses the pocket plane and shunts everything within to the nearest unoccupied space, dealing fall damage equivalent to the distance shunted. The pocket dimension, once closed, holds enough fresh air for five medium creatures to calmly breathe for four hours. Paxton’s Pocket Plane are almost always keyed to unique dimensions that exist even when no portal is active, but rare versions exist with multiple portals to the same plane.

Paxton’s Pocket Plane 20000

Paxton’s Pocket Plane is a roll of wooden slats linked together. Unrolled, the slats have a lifelike painting of a door across their collective surface and a doorknob popping out. Turning the knob, the door opens to reveal a house or structure. This is a copy of an existing building or home, no larger than a large, single family home, chosen upon the creation of this pocket plane including furnishings: a rough volume of approximately 40 ft x 40 ft x 2 8 ft floors.  Windows and exits other than the front door open out to a black void, and anything exiting into the void returns through the front door. Locking the front door causes the roll of wooden slats to vanish, while unlocking the door returns the unrolled slats to the nearest unoccupied space from where they vanished. The pocket dimension contains enough fresh air for ten medium sized creatures at rest to breath for a week. Paxton’s Pocket Planes are keyed to unique instances of dimensions that exist even when not connected with a portal, although some special requests have resulted in planes with more than one portal device keyed to them.

Paxton’s Pocket Plane, Greater 80000

As its lesser cousins, Paxton’s Greater Pocket Plane is a device that opens a gateway to a personal dimension. In this case, the smooth wooden cube’s dial, when turned, causes the device to unfold into an elaborate stone archway gated with wrought-iron. Beyond the iron bars is a farmstead, pasture, or other area of land copied from a real location at the time of the plane’s creation: up to ten acres horizontally and a few hundred feet vertically. The pocket plane functions as if the land were normal, rivers continue to run, animal frolic, except that those entering the plane cannot step beyond its bounds, delineated by a semi-transparent grey barrier distorting the landscape around it. The view beyond this barrier is a lightly obscured picture of the world beyond the copied location, as estimated by the magic of the dimension. The stone and iron gate remains as the exit to the original plane. Within this gate sits a peephole that offers a complete view of the entrance’s surroundings, even when the gate is collapsed. Controls on the opposite arch of the gate cause the gate entrance on the original plane to close, open, vanish, appear, show a static image of the pocket dimension through the bars, or show the actual state of the pocket plane through the bars. Some greater pocket dimensions are keyed to multiple gates, selectable with the controls.

Cord of the Rip Tide 1600

This small coil of blue and white rope can be used to escape. By tying one end of the ten foot rope to a solid object and the other end around one’s waist, the rope connecting the two tied points vanishes. The remaining few inches of rope at either end act as if an invisible rope still connects the two loops. With a sharp pull of the anchored rope, the other end is teleported back to within 10 feet of the anchor point, with the rope reappearing. An invisible force keeps a creature tied with the Cord of the Rip Tide from traveling more than one hundred feet from the anchor point.  (tie around waist, another magically connected end can be yanked to teleport you back)

Extendable, Fantastic Pole 750

This two foot wooden rod is darkly stained oak wood with smooth surface broken only by a collection of six small buttons. One pair of buttons will cause the pole to lengthen or shorter while held, as long as 20 ft or as short as six inches. Another button causes the pole to extend alternating ladder rungs every six inches. The fourth and fifth are toggle switchs that change their respective ends of the pole from flat to hooked ends to rings. The sixth causes the pole to extend 1 ft by 2 ft platforms every foot and a half along its length.  An Extendable, Fantastic Pole can hold up to 2 tons before its magic fails and it reverts to its original size and shape. Catastrophic physical damage, so long as the enchantment stays intact, causes the pole to go dormant for 1d6 days.

Bonded 3000

Bonded items use elaborate runes to key themselves to the places between the planes, and often show this connection with chain-like runes. After being enchanted, the weapon must be attuned to an owner before its magic can work, a ritual where the owner must scar themselves with a representation of the bonded weapon and coat the item in the spilled blood or flesh. The Bonded enchanted item must then be kept in constant physical contact with its wielder for one week for the attunement to imprint, after which it will sink into the scar at a touch. From then on, the wielder can call the item to hand or to the nearest unoccupied space at their feet as a free action. This bond works across distance, planes, barriers, and even states such as astral projection. Magical barriers against teleportation can block the summon if the user fails a save against the effect, but the user may re attempt to call their Bonded item after 1d3 rounds. Takes a week of constant touch to attune. A Bonded item is always summoned in the state it was in when attuned.

Fixed Hand 300

A Fixed Hand is a skeletal, humanoid arm attached just above the elbow to a wooden plaque. By touching the magical rune, the symbol for motion, just above the arm, one can change the position or imprint simple actions on the arm. It will hold the position or repeat the imprinted action until given a new instruction. The back of the plaque has holes and accompanying hooks for mounting. Common uses include holding a torch steady, keeping a magnifying glass focused, steadying reins, or grasping tongs to move an ingot from forge to anvil. The arm has strength and dexterity scores of 9, as well as an AC of 10 and 4 hit points.


I am still learning the ropes of self-publishing game material, so every review, comment, and share is more valuable to me than you might think. You can find my blog under my own site under Anarchydice or by following the links in my products.

If you like what you see or want to review my previous works before buying, check out these titles below.

AnarchyDice’s dmsguild products

Riddle Me This details 41 unique puzzles, way outside your standard and cliched riddles or chess puzzles, while explaining the thought process behind creating each one so you can modify or generate new puzzles yourself. Each puzzle includes hints to guide or help stuck players.

Bound! Details new spells, archetypes, feats, and magic items dealing with binding souls for D&D 5e.

Line of Fire is a PWYW train ride adventure gone wrong as colorful theatre revolutionaries board to sabotage the elemental-pulled train.

Save Vs. Disease is a magic item, parasite, and disease compendium dealing with all manner of illnesses and sickness.

Charged, Fantasy Foundry, Insectoid Armory, and Modern Mayhem all contain themed magic items for use in D&D 5e, released as PWYW entries.

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