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5e Character Archetypes: Trophy Hunter (Ranger)

Trophy Hunter

Those that seek the greatest hunt, and specialize in the extermination of their favored enemies are known as Trophy Hunters. They set traps, prepare ambushes, and get their hands dirty in the extended study and dissection of their foes to perfect a killing blow. A Trophy Hunter builds their power by sealing it inside Trophies they wear on their person, always seeking more dangerous and exotic foes to best.


Beginning at 3rd level, when you choose this archetype, you gain another favored enemy. For each favored enemy you can wear a single trophy, often a treated piece or pieces of hide, bone, tooth, claw, or organ of the slain creature. Each trophy can be used to store power from your slain foes, represented by Trophy Dice, which are d6’s. Each trophy can store a maximum number of dice equal to one third the HD of the creature it is made from, rounded up, or your ranger level, whichever is lower. In order to claim a creature for use as a trophy, you must have done a majority of the lethal damage the creature succumbed to. Healing and regeneration removes the oldest sources of damage first. Trophies are created over the course of a long rest.


A Trophy Hunter of third level or higher becomes a master of the anatomy of their favored enemies, often a use for the corpses not used for trophies. During a short rest, the Ranger may examine a creature’s corpse to regain a number of Trophy Dice equal to half its HD, or its HD if that creature is one of the Ranger’s favored enemy types, up to the Ranger’s level. These dice may be distributed among the Trophy Hunter’s trophies as they desire. Additionally, for every 5 HD of favored enemies that the Ranger kills, they regain one Trophy Die for a Trophy of that creature’s type. For every 10 HD of other creatures killed, the Ranger regains one Trophy Die for one of their Trophies.

The Trophy Hunter can expend Trophy Dice to add those dice to a damage roll or a save against an effect created by a creature of the Trophy’s type. Using Trophy Dice against other types of creatures expends two dice for every die added to a roll. Only one Trophy Die can be added to a roll.

At 7th level, when Trophy Dice are spent to add damage to an attack, they add 2d6 damage instead.

At 11th level, the damage added when using Trophy Dice increases to 3d6 damage.

At 15th level, the Ranger may spend three Trophy dice to force a creature to make a Constitution saving throw, DC 8 + number of dice spent + Wisdom, or drop to 0 hit points. A successful save still adds 4d6 damage to the attack. Enemies that not of the same type as the Trophy have advantage on this saving throw.


Starting at 7th level, you gain four totems you can create as a ritual using energy from your defeated foes. When you create a Totem, you expend a number of dice from your trophies to power the effect, then choose a trophy to place as the physical focus of the ritual. This trophy stays behind and can later be collected to regain all but one of its unused dice. Totems expend one die each day. Totems can be keyed to not trigger on specific creatures, types of creatures, or to be passable with a chosen command or action. Totems have 10 hit points per die invested in them, and require an investigation check against 8 + the ranger’s survival skill to find, if hidden. Creatures sharing a type with the Trophy make their saves against its effects with disadvantage.

Warning Totem: Your trophy becomes a magical watchdog that alerts the hunter to the presence of creatures within its area. When created, you choose ten, contiguous, 5 ft. cubes of area for every Trophy Die of power invested into the Totem that the Warning Totem will observe. Creatures passing through it must make an intelligence save or the Ranger will be alerted to their exact location as well as their presence. The Ranger can expend a reaction to have the Totem create a sight, sound, or smell associated with the type of creature that its constituent Trophy is made from.

Snare Totem: A combination of illusory magic, bait, and bushcraft turns this trophy into a lure and capture trap. Creatures that come within an area, chosen by the ranger and no larger than a 10 ft. radius circle per Trophy Die invested, must make a Wisdom save each round or be compelled to use their move action to move closer to the center of the effect. Those that come within 5 ft. of the Totem make a Dexterity save or become restrained. It requires a new Dexterity save made as an action, at disadvantage, to escape. Every time a creature breaks free of restraint from this totem, the totem expends one of its Trophy Dice.

Tracking Totem: With careful application of this Trophy with trip wires, marking scents, dyes, and alchemical reagents, creatures passing through the area of this Totem are marked with an easy to follow trail. For every Trophy Die invested in this Totem creates a 20ft long, 10 ft. high, paper-thin wall of invisible, faint energy that triggers on creatures passing through it. The tracks left by those creatures, within one hour per Trophy Die invested in the Totem, grant advantage to anyone tracking them. As a reaction, the Ranger may attempt to inflict faerie fire on the creature, unless they succeed on a Wisdom save. This causes them to give off a faint glow, negating invisibility, providing advantage on perception checks or attack rolls against them, and it lasts for 1 minute per Trophy Die invested in the Totem. When a faerie fire effect inflicted by this Totem ends or is successfully resisted, the Totem expends one of its Trophy Dice.  

Warding Totem: Your Trophy and its surroundings are turned into a grisly display that will cause fear in those that are exposed to it. Creatures within 5 ft. per Trophy Die invested in this Totem must make a Wisdom save or become frightened by the Totem for 1d4 minutes. They cannot approach the Totem and suffer disadvantage on rolls while still within its radius of effect. Creatures that successfully save against this effect are immune for 24 hours and creatures can attempt new saves against the effect as an action. You can spend a reaction to force a frightened creature in the area of effect to make another save with disadvantage. If they fail, they become paralyzed with fear for 1 round, but if they succeed their frightened condition ends. Each creature that saves successfully against the Warding Totem effects has a 50% chance to cause the Totem to expend one of its Trophy Dice.

Relentless Hunter

Upon reaching 11th level, when you take the attack action and one of those attacks is made against one of your favored enemies, you may make an additional attack against a favored enemy. If you hit a creature you have hit previously in the same round, your attack deals an additional 1d6 damage for each time you have hit the same creature in the round.


Upon reaching 15th level, the Trophy Hunter can call upon the energy of their slain prizes to empower their own abilities. The Trophy Hunter may expend Trophy Dice to take on aspects of a creature, transforming partially into a hybrid form. For each Trophy Die spent, the Ranger may copy a statistic, attack, ability, or quality from a creature of the type the Trophy Dice are drawn from. The copied creature must have a CR less than or equal to ⅓ of their Ranger level or the CR of the Trophy, whichever is lesser. When the Trophy Hunter expends those Trophy Dice, they roll them and gain that many temporary hit points. Any abilities copied that increase the Ranger’s hit points are applied as temporary hit points.

This hybrid form last for one minute, doubling for each die spent beyond the first, or until the Ranger ends the effect with a free action or loses all the temporary hit points granted by the transformation. Each use of this ability beyond the first requires the Trophy Hunter to make a Constitution save, DC 10 +5 per use, or they gain a mutation, madness, or permanent scar reducing their maximum hit points by the number of dice used. To avert this risk, the Ranger can expend a spell with level equal to the CR of the target creature will strengthen the bond of the grafted flesh to automatically succeed on their save.

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