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Mythoards 28 and 29

While I continue to plug away at a ground-level reworking of my IMPROVisr, here are two reviews of the most recent Mythoards I received from my subscription.

Mythoard 28

-The usual encounter card is nice, as they are starting to build to a nice collection of random encounters I could draw from.

-A Mythoard poker chip that can serve as an inspiration token or player marker. This will probably get added to my DM kit, its always useful to have various tokens on hand.

-Four hexagonal dungeon tiles of thick cardstock and durable construction. Not something I will likely use both because I have my own set but because the thin tiles are finicky to set up and easily bumped.

-The Stairs Below is a continuation of the previous month’s treefolk dungeon, and is starting to round out that miniature dungeon to start to make more sense. I feel that this dungeon in particular could have used a short summary explaining the future pieces to make the others more immediately useful.

-The Judges Guild magazine is a standard inclusion in the monthly bundle, but I mostly skim them, finding very little of value from the magazine that contains old style, boring dungeons and game options for old games I do not run.

-Idol Pranks is an excellent adventure surrounding escalating pranks with fun quests that have multiple solutions and scaling rewards based on behavioral factors of the quest. This is going right on my shelf, ready for when I need an adventure.

-Dunes of Desolation is a sweet hardcover book of desert rules, equipment, spells, monsters, hazards, and more built for Pathfinder compatibility (meaning its just a hop, skip, and jump to D&D 3.5e then to 5e). Some of the encounters, miniature dungeons, and monsters would fit right into my desolate magical wasteland with a little reskinning…

Overall, a solid Mythoard for printed products, especially ones that can sit looking pretty on my shelf.

Mythoard 29


-Another encounter card to add to my collection, not bad.

-Two more hexagonal tiles to add to my set from the previous Mythoard package.

-A d30 die, same style as the one in Mythoard 27, and a neat gold-blue dual color full set of polyhedral dice with a small felt bag. My wife is stealing these to use as her dice, so I don’t think I’ll get to use them…

-A small, green plastic “potion” token and a blue-crystal game-piece. Both of these are going into my DM kit, you can never have too many tokens.

-A Doctor Strange necklace in the style of his iconic time-altering accessory. A nice piece but a little out of the theme of RPG material, but I suppose my nieces will enjoy this as some costume jewelry.

-A Shadow Sword & Spell, Magic, book that details spellcasting styles, systems, and abilities for this RPG. It isn’t something I play, and the mechanics are not easily convertable to any system I am familiar with so I am giving this one a pass.

-Knights of the Dinner Table No. 116, a good magazine but not to my tastes so I might read it if bored.

-The half-page dungeon is a spider cave this time, with a gameable twist on the usual spiders and spider-webs that make me want to run this in my campaign.

-The Judges Guild Dungeoneer has some moderately interesting monster sketches and statistics, but overall I don’t find the outdated magazines particularly useful.


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