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IMPROVisr 4.0.0

Click the image for a link to the .rar file. [Edited to fix the link and add it here for those of you unable to see it earlier]
For those of you new to my program, this is a java application designed to generate tabletop RPG material as an improvisation tool for the game master. Everything from encounters to treasure hoards to NPC’s to random items is but a click away, so the GM can spend their creative efforts fleshing out their game notes rather than smacking into a big wall of writer’s block.

To run, download the zip file from above, then extract it to wherever you’d like to run the program. Click into the folder, and inside the “dist” folder, you will find “IMPROVisr.jar” which is the executable for this program. With it, you will find a the “IMPROVisr_Data.xlsx” containing the editable data used in the program and a lib folder of java stuff that you do not need to bother with. Double clicking the .jar file will run the program. I am still working to optimize the running of the program so give it a little bit of time after clicking to display, especially for the encounter results including treasure.

This is a work in progress, so your feedback is not only welcome but is encouraged! Send me requests for new features you’d like to see and bug reports of errors you find. If the bug is something formatted or displayed badly, screenshots help. If a feature isn’t working, send me as much info as you can about what you clicked and what the drop-down menus/toggle buttons/number fields were set at when the error occurred. Contact me at admin at

IMPROVisr Changelist


+Created an external excel spreadsheet containing most of the data sets that the generators pulls information from. These can be customized to fit different tastes, styles, or rulesets. A settings sheet holds information regarding wealth gained each level that is used in treasure hoard generation. Searchable magic item categories, mundane goods, and more are sorted by value for the search algorithm to sort through.

+Fixed coin generation to total up value and display correctly. Should now accurately split across different currency types.

+Added toggle for finding items by the purchase or their sale value (sale value being half the buy value, this means they’ll find more expensive items/goods for the same search value)

+Modified the history tab so that it is more obvious where one entry ends and another begins

+Daily encounter button cleaned up to correctly order encounters during each day rolled. Also, general formatting has been improved. It functions as a daily encounter outline generator, per its source material, and not at all like the specific encounter generator.

+Added a risk of getting lost in outdoor encounter generation. Added a risk of sanity checks to all encounters, which can freely be substituted with attrition, stress, wear & tear, survival, or other checks that wear on the resources, healthy, or mental well-being of adventurers.

+Magic items are now, by default, searched for at their sale value, rather than their purchase value. This means adventurers find better stuff.

+Added an option in the excel settings to widen the search area for items, magic, and goods, allowing more variability, especially if a custom entered list has very unevenly spaced values and the user is worried about the search function not hitting certain items as often due to the rounding nature of the search algorithm.

+Art, minions, and merchants can all get a randomly generated name.

+Items and encounters can now be searched by a custom value, toggleable on any tab that would normally search based on the number of players and level.

+Magic and Nonmagic item pulldown menu and associated button are now placed more intuitively.

+Re-added staves and rings as methods and incorporated them into random magic item generation. Staves are magical implements capable of granting their user the ability to cast the staff’s spells using their own spell energies. Alternatively, they may just be implements with unique abilities. Rings have uniquely generated powers, added purely because fantasy realms are always overflowing with magic rings.

+“Other” button and pull down menu are rearranged to be more intuitively linked.

+Added shops. These come with randomized names, store type(s), and a shopkeep. This also generates some example wares that have a small discount. The wares are weighted to be a bell curve less than 2.5x the value of a treasure hoard, i.e. items the players can afford without being irrelevant. This works with custom values as well.

+Treasure generation has been slimmed down to produce fewer items in each hoard. Treasure parcels and hoards are more randomly varied without ruining the average returns. Some hoards are now modified to increase or reduce the number of parcels, combining or splitting the hoard value among the greater or fewer numbers of items for more varied treasure generation.

+Assuming roughly ten normal encounters per level-up, with half of those containing treasure, this creates a hoard between 50-150% of ⅕ of the players total expected wealth earnings for the level. Then that hoard is split among a number of parcels equal to 0-2 items per player, sometimes modified to combine or split the value among more or fewer parcels. This means each item will be worth roughly 30% of an individual player’s wealth they expect to earn before levelling-up. Then, each item is generated using between 25-175% of that parcel value. Items might end up as magical items, a collection of mundane goods, a single fancy utensil, a bundle of gems, or a whole host of item types.

+Removed the chance for trapped treasure containers. If there is a trap, it will come during the encounter generation, instead of during treasure generation. The number of containers has been reduced for formatting and aesthetic reasons.

+Junk items spawned occasionally with monsters have been reduced in frequency and slimmed down for much fewer items. Values are 1/10th the value of a typical treasure hoard, making them useful to collect without disrupting overall treasure gains.

+Traps are now more streamlined and less weirdly specific to accomodate improvisation.

+Tricks have been updated to more clearly outline their effects and mechanisms without the odd, disjoined descriptors from before.

+Trap, getting lost, and other hints have been reformatted and now clearly indicate whether they are red-herrings or not. Traps have a 1 in 6 chance of appearing in each encounter. When they would appear, ⅓ of the time, there is no trap but instead false trap signs. This same ratio applies to checks for getting lost, although it will present a number indicating how difficult the misdirection is, requiring an easy, moderate, or difficult check to reorient the travelers back on the right path on a 1, 2, or 3 respectively (assuming the adventurers take note of the signs to look around, not even an expert can avoid getting lost if they don’t think to check). Alternatively, these numbers could be modified by -1 by knowing the terrain, having a map, or other factors, negating the chance before even making a roll.

+Outdoor encounters now have a better system to dictate weather changes. Temperature, humidity, and intensity each have a 1 in 8 chance of changing with each outdoor encounter, with a split chance of increasing or decreasing on each change. These changes can be translated to the region of travel and last until modified by a new result.

+Special encounter now pull directly from the excel sheet.

+Revised the book function to return a category of knowledge rather than random title.

+Revised the insignia generator to create more varied flags using shapes, colors, animals, etc.

+Improved the formatting and appearance of many generators that, other than being pulled from an excel instead of a data array, are unchanged.

+Created a whole data set of mundane weapons, armors, goods, and items from the normal to exotic. These are sorted by value for algorithmic searching.

+Organized my entire collection of magic items into organized lists, descriptions included for searching in the excel file.

+Unique, randomly generated powers now follow a better format. They give a modifier to the item, then follow with each ability listing the target, a strength of the effect (including how often it can be used), a vague category of effect, and a vague category of how it causes that effect. This outline can be used to correlate with an existing spell or generate new abilities.

+CR based values of monsters now pull from their own entry in the excel document. Games with different difficulty curves can modify this to make hirelings, corpses, and monster young be cheaper or more expensive to be more linear or more exponential.

+Epithets now less likely.



Adding the value of the items replaced during generic magic boosts to the magic effect’s value.

Change rings method to generate lots of jewelry.

Add an automatically populated pull-down menu of all entries in the excel sheet for random generation.

Flesh out the book function by adding descriptors and an author.

Modify spellbook and skillbook so they give more high level effects.

Create a unique rumor generator to supplement a fixed list.

Move problem/quest generator data to the excel file.

Fix the shop wares generator


I just went through to renew my webhosting here and it runs me about $13 a month. If you appreciate the work I do here, you can help support my web costs by checking out some of my paid products, commissioning me on Fiverr, donating directly, or helping spread the content you enjoy to people you know.

2 thoughts on “IMPROVisr 4.0.0

  1. Looks like there might be an issue with .rar link in the image.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now!


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