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Painting Adventures: Heroes and Villians

I’ve spent the last three weeks of my spare crafting time painting up this collection of miniatures from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter campaign two years ago.

Look at this lovely group! They only starting fighting a few minutes after I took the picture, too!


Here is one grouping that I thought fit into a nice little adventuring party. Groshn the dwarven cleric of the forge, Dunnik the monk brewmaster, Alayda the combat bard, Gjori-Bol-Bari Gnome illusionist and interior designer extraordinaire, and Droshn the Smasher (Groshn’s not-so-little brother).


Here are some villains I painted up to fill out my monster armies, with two cultists of the Ethereal Bruise, Yxdrasil vas Tuzask the obsidian boned lich, Kra the lich’s obsidian plated helmed horror, Tezzansa the Ripper a revenant seductress and necromancer, and Orsong a knight of a fallen order now sworn to serve ruthlessly pragmatic villains.


A second group of adventurers from more exotic human lands made up of Karmena the Red a duelist with a flair for summoning her blades to attack from new angles, Ot the half-orc bruiser who moonlights as a vigilante, Slashette is a berserker with bad amnesia and a startling lack of care for civility, Tessa Lira Pharisee II is a battle-mage tutored and college educated from the top of every class but slandered by political machinations, and Reto the Bannerless is a wandering swordsman seeking a worthy banner to fight behind while helping the weak he encounters.


This one is a collection of some other random people I liked and wanted to paint. This includes Karin the arch-druid of the Norther Pines, Merik now known as Angler and leader of a cult worshiping the monsters of the deep sea, Exalted Gasp of Golden Winds the diva stuck on the material plane for a quest she no longer believes in, and Rilgore Axehand the last of his people from the distant craggy hinterlands.

This group is my npc guards because you can never have enough npcs. Let’s see, their names are Berry, Lucinda, Al, Geoff, Lund, and Kingsley.


These ones are a second picture of the miniatures in this group that I enjoyed painting the most. Some combination of interesting models, easy to paint shapes, and iconic silhouettes made these all enjoyable to slather pigment on to. They also lacked tiny, fiddly-bits that would add complexity and sources of mold error to the miniature. In the case of the three cultists and the nun, their miniatures also have a natural weight that helps keep them upright too, a bonus for future table-play!


What colors would you have done differently? Care to share your paint jobs for these minatures or ones in the same set? I would like to steal your color schemes for my own future paint excursions, but for now, I’m going to paint something big and monstrous because painting tiny eyes are the worst.


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