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Some Dungeons

So I had a little trouble with the website this morning, so instead of a big write-up of the latest dungeon I’ve been runnning, here is a quick summary and image-dump of a number of dungeons I’ve run.

The three mausoleums converted by some thieves guild-type apprentices into their own custom hide-outs.

The trap specialist’s mausoleum, holding a player that had joined in the middle of the campaign as well as an NPC that is their lead to a big treasure in the wastelands. He has hidden pit traps, bear traps, and keys in a layer of dead grass (they were posing as traveling landscapers to the nearby town, offering to trim the graveyard as a trial run).

The trick specialist’s dungeon, a fool’s gold pile (poisoned) under a simple box on a stick trap, a hallway lined with darts and pressure plates that requires using the box as cover to trigger the pressure plates correctly to open the door, a ceiling mounted orb that animates objects when touched while the door is on a timer (punishing those who get too curious), and a puzzle of invisible platforms with a potion riddle.

The puzzle specialist, with two riddles to open the door (I reused these riddles in my book of riddles), a fireball hallway with one fireball in each barrage being illusory, and then a number puzzle to figure out the combination lock to the door to their sleeping quarters.


Here is my wack at converting For Rent, Lease, or Conquest  that I got with a Mythoard into a physical dungeon using tiles for Mansions of Madness. It worked out quite well, as *spoilers* the mansion is made to be rearranged by the players to set up a defense against attackers once they find their way to the ant queen in the mansion. I added a few “Dark Masks” to the exterior of the mansion, the cult the players are fighting and who kidnapped their uncle when he was on his way to find a buyer for a large piece of magical equipment they had recently found. I also retooled the enemies that appear to attack the mansion with Dark Mask reinforcements, along with their skeletal minions and constructs.

The exterior, with a hut where the cultist had just sent up a flash of light, teleporting the uncle away and then teleporting themselves into the mansion.

The basement level and first floor (note the “bugbears” are formian soldier and the “spiders” are the formian workers).

The upper floor, with the queen, her paramour, and the teleported in Dark Mask threatening them.

The players, gaining control of the house, have set it up to be a deathtrap to the skeletal troops coming in. The used the second floor overlook as barricades to fire down from, even bringing out a ballista they had stolen from before (and kept in a bag of holding). The enemies either had to climb up the columns supporting the second floor balcony, or head down through the fireplace elemental in the basement, then up through traps and monsters before getting ambushed on the second floor by an army of formian allies. They even took potshots from the windows at the cultists summoning in more constructs. Overall, they had a great time being the “dungeon masters” of their own little home.


Would you want to see a longer write-up of these dungeons with the exact DC’s, hints, and descriptions I gave my players? It would take some work to convert out my written notes and remember my improvisations, but comment below or on G+ if that is something you’d like to see.

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