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5e Backgrounds: Raincaller


Your past profession saw you doing a great deal of traveling, performing rituals to help call rain to drought-stricken lands, turn away dangerous storms from ports, or even bring snowstorms against besieging armies. Whether it was a matter of practiced timing, a good instinct for weather patterns, or way with nature, you had moderate skills in changing the weather.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature and Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Two of: Cartographer’s Tools, Disguise Kit, and one Musical Instrument

Equipment: Traveler’s Clothes, Wooden Staff, a bag of 10 gp, and Two of: Cartographer’s Tools, Disguise Kit, and one Musical Instrument.


Ritual of Storms: Once each day, you can perform a complex ritual over the course of an hour for a 50% chance of causing the weather in the surrounding 2 miles to change. The weather changes over the next 1d6 hours to a random type of weather natural for the area and season, proportional to the likelihoods of various weather types and may result in the weather not changing.


Suggested Characteristics

Raincallers always exhibit a passion for nature and a respect for the power of the weather, although for some this appearance hides a skeptical charlatan. Their traveling lifestyle exposes them to many different peoples, beliefs, locales, and cultures while their profession means that they must adapt to accommodating them all, with a charisma to win over holdouts and skeptics.

d8 Personality Trait:

  1. I work hard to bring the weather people need to where they need it.
  2. The elaborate lies I tell give people hope and hope is sometimes all that they need.
  3. These rituals are just my way of paying for my travels.
  4. My raincalling is carefully calculated based on tracking the natural weather patterns of the world.
  5. A feeling in my bones tells me when the weather will change, and I use that feeling to make a living.
  6. It is exhausting doing this work, but if I slack off then crops will fail and people will starve.
  7. I have been formally trained to do this work, and I hold myself to strict, professional standards.
  8. People are selfish, and people will pay coin for honeyed lies. Rain will eventually come anyways.

d6 Ideal:

  1. My powers mean I have a responsibility to help those who suffer. (Charity)
  2. The weather changes at my command, and I want more. (Power)
  3. The money I take as a charlatan serves as a lesson to the gullible. (Educate)
  4. I want to travel through all that nature has to offer. (Explorer)
  5. Nature is not inherently friendly to civilization, my work helps contain its excesses. (Cultivation)
  6. More power is in one storm than countless mages, civilization cuts us off from this power. (Nature)

d6 Bond:

  1. My family tradition is the source of my power, and I sometimes travel with them.
  2. A town I brought relief to still remembers my face and name.
  3. I have a friendly connection with an elemental, nature spirit, or fey creature.
  4. A friendly rival raincaller I know will sometimes do favors for me and sometimes I help them.
  5. A library I frequent holds excellent weather information, atlases and maps I use for my work.
  6. There is a group or individual spellcaster that wants to study my rain calling abilities.

d6 Flaw

  1. I find it hard to settle down in any one place.
  2. My friendly smile and fake shaman act makes enemies of people who see through it.
  3. When gullible people are around, I cannot help but scam them for all they are worth.
  4. After a failed ritual, I find myself trying again and again until I get it to work.
  5. I feel compelled to tell people what they want to hear.
  6. There are many scattered people that remember my name and face after I failed to change the weather.

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