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The Art of Being a Monster: Wight


Generally be able to rely on taking lots of punishment that a living creature would not be able to take, outlasing and overwhelming opponents with ferocity. That should prioritize taking down the largest threats and rampaging through a team, disassembling them from being threats, then returning to finish them systematically. Not being distracted by flashy attacks and going straight for those that deal with the undead with specialty magics. Hostile environments are a plus, and so are ambushes, utilizing places that the living overlook, thinking a foe could not lie in wait inside. Better yet are places that the living are damaged by like insect filled swamps, steam-filled corridors, or dark-energy laden rooms. Even if it means temporary destruction, your focus should always be to eliminate or gravely wound an adventurer, you can wrench your body back together and make another attempt.

F Ambush the fighter then take them down with relentlessly focused brutality. Feign weaknesses that they position to take advantage of like a limp or a dangling arm and rip them apart when you reveal the lie. Their physical damage is of little consequence unless they bear specialty magic weapons that can damage your animating soul, but they will interpose themselves to defend their weaker party members. That cannot be allowed if you are to efficiently dismantle adventurers that stand in your way.

T The thief will have trouble doing any real damage as their attacks aim for weak points that no longer matter to your undead body. There are a few places where a strike would be inconvenient, but the thief will have to get in close to harm your mobility or body deeply enough to matter, and they are easily ripped apart when they do. Feigning mindless undead can be useful to lure them into closing, thinking they are flanking or outmaneuvering a simple zombie. Revealing that you are no such thing when you turn to hunt them down with cunning brutality.

R A ranger can be dangerous, as they continue to retreat while striking your vital points from a distance. They can be most easily defeated by laying into them from ambush, defeating their tracking and senses thanks to your undead nature not giving off heat or breath. Take care to hide your decaying smell. If you fight in a place with lots of cover or tight corners, the ranger quickly loses their potency against you, as it is very easy to get up close while they cannot snipe you from afar.

W If the wizard is of the necromantic or divine persuasion, they should be your first target. Their frail physical form can be destroyed even if you strike in the middle of their companions and must weather their attacks. Get in close and rip them apart. So long as the magical powers of the wizard are crippled, you can reform yourself and return to finish the rest off without the threat of being permanently destroyed. If the wizard has other focuses, they are still dangerous, but nothing that you cannot return from for revenge later.


A Wight’s Undaunting Vows

Your purpose is now single-minded and grounded in revenge. You have been pulled back into your decaying physical body and bound to the material plane, but that does not mean you should be limited to accomplishing only one goal. By following the advice listed below, you can secure your revenge while also taking advantage of the limited revival you have grasped.


I will uncover my reason for animation and ensure that I will not prematurely resolve it before accomplishing all my goals.

I will not throw myself headlong or recklessly at my enemies. Even undead still need limbs to do things.

If I can accomplish more of what I really desire, I will work to keep my animating source going, even if it is personally painful.

As well as I can, I will disguise my undead nature with makeup, prosthetics, or magic.

When planning or carrying out my retribution, I will ensure that the results of completion do not leave behind negative consequences I care about to people, places, or things I care about.

I will not engage in useless scare tactics that gives my target knowledge about my abilities or forewarning.

I will not drag out my retribution nor will I give my target unnecessary time to turn the tables or get help.

Where possible, I will secure a source of healing to restore any pre-animation damage to functionality. Any limp or wounds will be faked or superficial.

My plans for ruin or revenge will take the most direct route, rather than relying on convoluted steps or incompetence by the intended victims. This includes any and all backup plans I will make.

I will not disregard peaceful or mutually beneficial means to exact my retribution. The legal system and society can work to my benefit.

Whatever ties me to this world -bones, heirloom, spell circle, or family- will be physically secured and protected to insure myself against premature death.

I will not assume my killer or the target of my revenge still has the same abilities as when I was alive.

My revenge does not need to be meted out personally and I will consider working with mercenaries, allies, and fellow wights.

When fighting against targets that do not matter, I will disguise the extent of my full abilities while faking vulnerability to something harmless.

Unless my nature is limited by time, patience shall be my new greatest virtue. The dead do not need to break their vigilant watch or tireless tasks to eat or sleep.

I will not senselessly waste my time after animation pointlessly. When I cannot advance my interests, I shall spend my time improving myself, the lives of those I care about, or the lives of those whose interests align with my own.

I will regularly think through my drive for revenge or my reason for reanimation to ensure that I still desire to accomplish them.

Obtaining a second or third reanimation source is a useful safeguard against being destroyed.

Physical harm is not the only source of retribution I can inflict, nor is it always the worst: Financial, social, spiritual, or other harms.

I will mentally prepare myself to relinquish my goal and animation in case I am ever captured or controlled against my will with no other way out.


Keeping to these vows will put your bloody revenge within your grasp, while ensuring that those you leave behind will see a better world.

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