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1001 Gods and their Requests

I am working on a generator for making random gods along with the random quests they give. This is going to be a framework I will be using in an upcoming release. Interestingly enough, 1001 has the factors of 7, 11, and 13: 2d4, 2d6, and 2d7.

Roll to create a god with a given power level, a vague area under their purview, and a quirk. If a vague area of power isn’t useful enough, I have even put together a d100 list of more specific magisteria modifiers to help zoom in.

1001 Gods

[2d4] Power Level: Powerful Mortal,  Minor God, Demi-god, God, Spirit, Otherworldly Entity, Combined Pantheon.

[2d6] Magisterium: Nature, Change, Conflict, Civilization, Magic, Death, Tradition, Peace, Heroism, Ambition, Roll Twice

[2d7] Quirk: Focused on one tiny aspect of their magisterium, Keep trying to include other magisteria in their domain with specious arguments, does not pay close attention, incredibly short-sighted, takes a very long view of things, has a direct conflict with another god, dissociative or insane, archaic, naive or new,  incompetent, micromanages everything, emotionless or sociopathic, Roll Twice.

1d100 Magisteria Specifics

  1. Handheld device or tool within
  2. Knowledge or art about
  3. Professionals or tradespeople working in
  4. Corruption of
  5. Vague category of
  6. Type of climate related to
  7. Conservation of
  8. Creature with an affinity for
  9. Action related to
  10. Overlooked aspect of
  11. Secrecy about
  12. Nurturing of
  13. Control of
  14. Places related to
  15. Most boring part of
  16. Vice concerning
  17. An archaic meaning of
  18. A humorous definition of
  19. Philosophy of
  20. Clothing or costume worn for
  21. Degenerate offshoot of
  22. Refined or cultured portion of
  23. Domination of
  24. Group of people known for
  25. Emotion embodying
  26. Peaceful aspect
  27. Spellcraft copying
  28. Vermin that usually infest
  29. Interpersonal relationships symbolizing
  30. Structures used for
  31. Opposition to
  32. Trash or detritus associated with
  33. Enemies of
  34. Monsters descended from
  35. Extraplanar location based on
  36. Most unusual part of
  37. Peaceful skill of
  38. Furniture found in
  39. Something keeping contained
  40. A small constituent part of
  41. Forgotten bit of
  42. Harming with
  43. Helping using
  44. Knick-knack of
  45. The most prominent aspect of
  46. Activity common within
  47. Type of magic most associated with
  48. Equipment utilizing
  49. Mystical aspect of
  50. Type of art based on
  51. Most useful part of
  52. Safest part of
  53. Habit related to
  54. Spirits of
  55. Trades or deals about
  56. Decorative aspect of
  57. Concept in the domain of
  58. A parasite often found with
  59. Trinket of
  60. Symbolic portion of
  61. Destruction of
  62. Allies of
  63. Treasured portion of
  64. Humanoid tribe related to
  65. Attitude based on
  66. Freedom of
  67. Mental illness related to
  68. Disreputable activity related to
  69. Class or group of people within the domain of
  70. Geographic object of
  71. Edible related to
  72. Spiritualism of
  73. Category of animals known for
  74. Mystery related to
  75. Peace with
  76. Specific shape within
  77. Government form related to
  78. An element that makes up
  79. Controlling factor of
  80. Absence of
  81. Physical aspect of
  82. Demi-gods within the domain of
  83. Construction material made of
  84. Ritual related to
  85. Domesticated animal embodying
  86. Predator representing
  87. Game symbolized by
  88. Injury obtained in
  89. Item for children found with
  90. A cost or tribue demanded by
  91. Genre of creative works associated with
  92. Plant grown for
  93. Most dangerous part of
  94. The most uncomfortable part of
  95. Trinket from
  96. Weapon of
  97. Warlike skill used in
  98. Most wasteful part of
  99. Colorful element of
  100. Ritual component for

Once you have a new god, or perhaps an already existing one, they’ll be interacting with your players. Likely, they will be approaching with a request, although some will not be very friendly about it. They will combine an offer of something with the type of quest but they might not mention the complications that will make the players’ lives more difficult.

1001 requests

[2d4] Offer: Boon, Avoid a Bane, Treasure, Renown, Secrets or Knowledge, A Favor, Morals/Feels

[2d6] Quest: Crusade, Relic Finding, Temple Protection, Pilgrimmage, Rescue, Exploration/Search, Hunt an Enemy, Root out Corruption, Seal Away/Hide something, Give Aid, Roll Twice

[2d7] Complications: Secret enemy, bumbling ally, opposed by a major foe, surrounded by a larger conflict, quest giver is unhelpful or vague, the goal posts keep moving, wild and unintended consequences, a powerful ally opposes your methods,  time-sensitive, under awkward moral constraints, lies and omissions by the quest giver, moral quandaries, Roll Twice

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